Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hello Again!

Well. This is awkward.

How long's it been? 6 months or so?


Well. I do apologize for my absence. And you see, I can't even promise how long I'll stick around this time. I'm very hard to pin down you know. Elusive. Mysterious.

Mysterious Wallpaper 1920x1200 Mysterious 

In the grand scheme of life I am like that umbrella in the picture. Did you really expect me to say the figure of the person in the picture? How mysterious would I be if I were that predictable. 

Anyways, let's not spend time discussing our past year. Let's just say life has happened and is happening and will continue to happen. Let's just stick with the present. 


Like I'm not going to gush about the most perfect baby that has ever been. 

 GUISE. She's not even a baby anymore. She's a rambunctious toddler. The time, it does fly. I am constantly amazed and awed by Noelle. She's SO SMART, so sweet, so funny, so sneaky, so caring, and so damn cute. I am a little more in love with her every day. Tom and I, we got hella lucky with her.

As for myself, I'm now officially going to school full time, working full time, and being a full time wife/mother. So I am busy. Really busy. 

That whole school thing, I'm finally doing at nearly 32 what I should have done at 18, and I'm in the Middle Grades Education program. Hopefully I'll be a middle school history teacher in not too many years. 

The work thing, I'm not loving, but I am loving the fact that it's work. And I'm getting paid. I am very very happy, with all the crap I've been through, to have a job at all. Especially one that allows so much flexibility. However, it's not all sunshine and roses, but when is it ever. 

I lost my grandfather in August and I've been doing an excellent job of pushing that thought to the back of my head. So I'm not quite ready to think about that and come to terms with it. Possibly because I'm afraid of all the tears and perhaps not being able to stop. It's not helping that my grandmother is having a lot of medical issues and is in and out of the hospital these recent months. So. Real shit is happening and I'm not cool with thinking about it. 

To summarize the past year: LIFE. IT HAPPENED. 

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