Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's been a while

Well hello there. It's been a while. Something like 2 months I think? I guess it's just that I found that I had no words. You see, I got fired. That Huge Financial Institution That Did Not Require a Bailout can well and truly go and fuck themselves. Fuck it. Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo Dealer Services can go and fuck themselves. I made a mistake, caused litigation, and now I'm a stay at home mother, which is what I always said I wanted except my unemployment was denied and the husband doesn't make enough for us to, you know, LIVE. 

I was doing ok. I cashed in my 401K and I knew that eventually my unemployment would start to roll in and it would buy me some time while I looked for another job. Well the 401K is pretty much gone and this morning I got the letter from the unemployment office saying my unemployment claim was denied because I was at fault. Well no fucking shit I was at fault, employers have to have a good goddamn reason to fire a person. Isn't everyone that files an unemployment claim because they were fired at fault? I know a company that had to close an entire branch of it's office and fire everyone because of mass embezzling AND THEY WERE ALL GRANTED UNEMPLOYMENT. 


I'm pretty liberal. I've always been for social programs to help those people out there that really need it. I just never thought that I would be one of those people that needed it. It's crushing me. I have to go sign up for medicaid today because we can't afford $250 a month to add Noelle onto my husband's insurance and she's got to be covered. I don't even know what else I'm going to need to sign up for. 

I've applied for over 20 jobs. Nothing is panning out for me. Oh, except for Aflac. They emailed me wanting me to come in for an interview and then when I didn't respond they called me the next week. I never even applied with them then I got to the interview and they were like "why do you feel like you'd be a good fit for our sales position?" I just blinked at the guy. I don't. You called and emailed me. You tell me why you think I'd be a good fit. 

So, to paraphrase Banksy, I am a morose motherfucker. 

I'm going to go and cry some more now. Then I'm going to get myself together and go out and fucking use the government services that are available to me. Then I'm going to come home, put on my happy face for the hubby and my friends, and apply for more jobs that want nothing to do with me. Yay.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear this. You know, I had an ex friend (who's no longer a friend because he's become a huge jerk) who basically was fired for being a jerk. He blatantly refused to do his job. He STILL submitted for unemployment (even though I told him there was no chance in hell of getting it) and he actually got it. How the hell did you not?

  2. {{HUGS}} I seriously hope something perfect comes along for you soon! Sending good thoughts your way!


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