Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chuka's Big Night Out

I have never claimed to be the most mature person on Earth. I'm only 28 after all, so I see no need in forcing myself to mature at a faster rate than I already am. Besides, immaturity can be fun in small doses and is good for a few laughs and there is nothing I love more than laughing. 

I have a bear, his name is Fuzzy. I received Fuzzy as a gift for my first birthday from my mother's brother (yeah, my uncle, but we're not close enough for me to really call him my uncle). Fuzzy and I have always been inseparable. When I went up to NY recently (blog post to follow) I left Fuzzy at  my house even though he usually goes with me on vacations. Imagine my surprise when I  randomly stopped by my parents with my friend Lesley the day after I returned and found Fuzzy on my sisters bed. That heathen had stolen my Fuzzy! Well, she has a... he's not a bear... he's an Ugly Doll, his name is Chuka-Wuka (Chuka for short). Since my dear sister was out with friends we didn't know she had, Lesley and I took Chuka on the adventure of a life time! He went all around town and each stop we'd take a picture of him and sent it to Tara. Strangely she wasn't amused and she called me over 50 times. That's not counting the times she called Lesley too. Bitch is crazy. Anyways, here's Chuka's big night out!!

Chuka's night started out right with some Dickinson Fried Chicken! He said he was feeling a little hood. 

This is the top of Chuka's head as he gazes at the campus map. He is pondering going to college, but isn't sure how his mom, Tara, would pay for it. 
So he had a few drinks to get into the full college spirit. 

And he cozied up to Petey, the University's mascot. But then Petey talked him into going to a fraternity party. We warned Chuka nothing good comes from those parties!!

Oh no!! Chuka got tipsy and took a pounding from Fuzzy. We warned him not to go to that Frat party!

Chuka enjoys a cigarette as much as the next Ugly Doll and he needed one after the pounding he took from Fuzzy.

 Chuka realized he may need to go to the ER after some leaking in a painful location didn't stop after an hour or so. 

 And THAT was Chuka's big night out. I don't know why Tara was so worried...

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