Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tatted up!

This past Thursday I went with my sister and best friend to get tattoos. It was my first one in 10 years and Tara's first time. So we went and I permanently marked my body to showcase my love of The Airborne Toxic Event. I got lyrics to The Girl in Their Summer Dresses tattooed onto my wrist, "It's so quiet on these windswept days". Ever since I first heard that song I've always loved it. Then reading the short story that Mikel wrote the song about made me love it more. Then I discovered a 2 part short movie on youtube based off the short story as well. So basically, you can enjoy the story in 3 different ways. I happen to prefer Mikel's method.

Here's a link to the short story that started it all:
And then the 2 links to the movie short:

And then a picture of my tattoo, that is on my left wrist:

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