Thursday, December 15, 2011

Department store with a bullseye for a logo, me and you are gonna rumble.


I may burst a blood vessel in my brain today. If I do, I hope my husband sues "DEPARTMENT STORE WITH A BULLSEYE WITH A LOGO" for all they're worth because my death will be a direct result of their incompetency. 

So for the first time ever I ordered something from  "DEPARTMENT STORE WITH A BULLSEYE WITH A LOGO" online. It was a Christmas gift for one of my friends. I was super excited because I got something I knew my friend had been wanting and it was safely on its way to my house and it just took a few clicks with the mouse to make it happen. It was delivered yesterday. I opened it up and low and behold it was the wrong item in a box with the correct packing slip. Very strange. I was annoyed, but I just hopped in my car and drove to the  "DEPARTMENT STORE WITH A BULLSEYE WITH A LOGO" right up the street. I was still happy as I figured, it was a mistake, but one that is easily fixed. 

I got to the store and I was told that they didn't have the item that I had ordered online and they had to give me my money back on a gift card since I payed with Paypal. I was also given instructions to call to place the order on the phone and explain what happened. 

Ok. I'm slightly annoyed at this point. I decided I'd call in the morning when I got to work. Which I did just that first thing this morning. I was on the phone with a nice woman who clearly had English as a first language for about 15 minutes explaining what had happened and then *bam* disconnected. So I called back. The next woman was not English speaking by birth, which is ok. My grandmother is Japanese, I'm cool with non-American's helping me out if it means I still get my point across and they get their point across. Well it took 45 minutes with this lady to tell me that my original item was no longer in stock, we found an almost identical item which was in stock. So I ordered it even though it was on back order for 2-4 weeks. I figured hey, my friend will be ok with a slightly late Christmas gift but I was definitely edging into agitation. 

The second item was more than the original one, but on sale. Cool, I can swing that. What I was not ok with was paying for shipping. No ma'am, that's not happening. So after a battle I got the shipping taken off. Yay!! I got the confirmation email!! WOOOT!! 

Then. THEN I got a cancellation email. Saywhattowho?

Oh hells no. I called back. Another man with an accent so thick it felt like my ears had honey in them answers. This man placed me on hold for an eternity while he "researched" my issue. Turns out the second item I ordered is out of stock.They didn't know when it would be back in stock. My friend wasn't getting the awesome gift. Bitch fit commenced. I held it in for a long while. I kept my composure but this time I completely fucking lost it. It turns out if you lose your shit with a representative you get transferred back to America. Good to know for future reference. 

The supervisor was very calm, and even though I know it wasn't anyone's fault that I spoke to today, SOMEONE within the  "DEPARTMENT STORE WITH A BULLSEYE WITH A LOGO" corporation fucked up in the warehouse when shipping my item and it has in effect RUINED MY EFFING DAY!!! 

Also, the second item is still listed on their website as available. Bastards

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  1. Rummmmble in the jungggllleee.

    But seriously, this kind of stuff happens so much in retail, it's sad. And of course they should've offered you something to offset your suffering.



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