Sunday, January 22, 2012

Songs that won't leave my head.

Songs I can't get out of my head today:

  1. Domino by Jessie J. I don't know what it is about her, but I am really digging Jessie J here lately. She rocks onesies in a way no one has since Dee-Lite. 

2. Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye ft. Kimbra. I just heard this song today, so I can't lie and act like I've been on this train for any length of time. However, this video is trippy and the song is catchy. Crazy catchy. As soon as I heard it today I hurried to get it on my iPod.

3. All I Ever Wanted by The Airborne Toxic Event. Let's face it, one of TATE's songs is always on rotation in my head. It just so happens that this song is one that has been playing a heavy rotation today.

4. Blackie's Dead by Pete Yorn and Scarlet Johansson. This song is catchy and bouncy and makes me happy. Even though it's a depressing song off of an album called the "Break Up Album" so... it probably shouldn't make me bounce? Ah well, it does anyways!

5. Better Things by Passion Pit. I am the only person I know that loves Passion Pit and I'm ok with that. They are like a happy little secret that I get to enjoy and keep all to myself. This song is my getting though life song "better things are coming, I swear there's truth in that".


  1. These are all people/groups I have never listened to. This makes me feel old. I need to get with it!

  2. oh new music, i only know jessie j and she rocks girl! ( i am so no gangsta), thanks for the rest :)

  3. I'm about to sound like a total hipster, but I've been a fan of Gotye for years. Both of his major albums, Like Drawing Blood (2006) and Making Mirrors, the one that has this song, are worth checking out. I play them from cover to cover constantly. I'm also so glad to see him gaining some real popularity now.

    My other favorite song from Making Mirrors, so upbeat and fun:

    1. You totally sound like a Hipster. Are you drinking PBR today? HA! I kid. No, Gotye is pretty great and I am definitely going to explore him further. He gave me the exciting tummy feeling, I get that rarely when listening to music. It tells me I've found something special.

    2. Yes. You sound like a hipster, sir. Hahaha! As long as you don't start doing your blog to be ironic, you're doing pretty well.

  4. I'm such a rock/metal/punk (and country) chick. Hahaha! I'm so not familiar with most of these people. I'll give 'em a listen though. I try to listen to a little of everything, so thanks for the new music!


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