Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasty beverages and Underrated Actors/Actresses #3

A few weeks ago I was over at my friends house for dinner. While Sp8 was whipping up some delicious pesto his wifey Sizzle (or Nassim if you want to be proper) whipped up a tasty tasty beverage. It is, as far as I know, unnamed. So I'm going to name it... Basilemy. ??? I'm not the greatest at naming things. Anyways, this drink is so refreshing. So light and cool and just....fresh. I'm terrible at describing things too. Let me tell you what's in it.
Basil. Lemon. Simple syrup. Club soda. 
That's it. 
For the drink in the picture I used 7 large basil leaves (rinsed first). 1 whole lemon (you may want less, I love lemon) halved then squeezed. 2 table spoons simple sugar (48 calories!). Filled the rest with club soda. This is my new favorite drink. Of course I'm currently obsessed with any and all things basil.

And now it's time for Underrated Actors/Actresses #3!! 

Cillian Murphy
Ever since I jumped out of my skin watching 28 Days Later, I've known and adored Cillian. Aside from those baby blues, that mouth, and those cheek bones he is a seriously talented actor. He's all over the place from Inception to Batman Begins to Red Eye and he is fabulous. Not just a pretty face either. The ups and downs that his character reaches in The Edge of Love is impressive. My heart broke with his and you really understand his pain and confusion when all hell breaks loose. He's been around, but hasn't been the lead in anything in much much too long. Know him, love him, watch him.


  1. oh the drink sounds lovely but i don't see a picture - maybe I am basil blind?

  2. Yeah he's a cutie.

    I couldn't see a picture either.

  3. I've heard of this drink, only with vodka. Yay! I haven't had it yet, but it really does sound refreshing and yummy.

    I see a picture! I recognize him. He plays the bad guy sometimes I think. I'll bust out my imdb app and check it out. I am really bad about current movies, both seeing them & recognizing people in them. I watch so many old movies from the '40s-'60s, that I don't seem to get to the new stuff as often.

    There are lots that I want to see before the Oscars. Of course, The Artist is right up my alley. Hehehe :)

  4. I see nothing but lovely Cillian Murphy. I love that man. He is delicious. A bit too skinny for my taste, but delicious.

  5. Thats quite an odd name! Basilemy? But people like odd names so I think it will catch on!

  6. Oh dear, I've deleted the picture of the drink and then posted it back. I can see it, so hopefully others can now too? If not, that's ok. As long as everyone can see Cillian.

  7. Is this man British? The Brits are absolutely my cup of tea. Just the right amount of yummy to make me smile. If this man is American, then can you please tell me where from, because that's where I am moving tomorrow.

    1. Cillian is Irish and I agree entirely you.

  8. Cillian's definitely in my top 10 of actors. Very talented. I can't think of a single movie he's been in that I hated. Except seeing his dick in 28 Days Later. I could have done without that.


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