Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gone so soon

Don't take it from me ABC. I'm not ready yet.

This past fall I fell in love with a tv show. Pan Am. I know there's other people out there that watches it, but I don't know any of them. I mean, other than my husband. He mainly just watches because he doesn't have a choice. 

This past Sunday was the season finale. Already. After searching online I've read that they may not pick it up for a second season and that makes me super sad. I love that show and to see it not get the chance it deserves just isn't right. They shortened the first season by 5 episodes to make way for a new show GCB and that's not fair!

Here's what I ask: if I can't get more Pan Am can I at least get more Michael Mosley? In anything. I'll watch it. Promise. My husband accuses me of having a "bit of a crush" on that man. To which I "pffft" at him. Of course I don't. I just think he's dreamy. You know, the bee's knees and what not.

More of this.


  1. Ahh my friend watches this It's pretty neat I watched a few episodes

  2. I watched it too, but then after a couple of episodes I could never see when it was on again! I loved it :)

  3. I've never watched it, but if it's good, it'll probably be canceled. Networks love to cancel good shows. Gotta make room for all the crap, right?

  4. Nooo! Don't tell me it got cancelled! I love it so much!!!
    I still have to watch the last episode, so I'll enjoy it with all my strength! ;_;

    Girls that glitter love the dark


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