Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend recap and Underrated Actors #4

A couple of things:
The commercials during the BIG football game (Since I can't call it what it is without the NFL coming after me) were underwhelming- except for the M&M commercial and the Audi commercial with the vampires and the apocalypse Chevy truck commercial. As for the game itself I was pretty bored and in pain during it so I wasn't paying much attention. Half-time, I heart M.I.A. so hard that I didn't care that she threw out the middle-finger and honestly didn't notice and even if I did it wouldn't have mattered. She's amaze-balls. 

Since the Academy Awards is like my Super Bowl (oh hell I used it. I'll leave it there- come at me NFL!) I was super excited to watch The Descendants and Moneyball this weekend. The Descendants was really depressing and yet really good. Moneyball, eh. It was decent for what it was, I find baseball to be the most boring sport on earth (and this coming from the girl that stayed up all night to watch Curling during the last winter Olympics) so I wasn't going into it with high hopes. Jonah Hill was surprising as not being gross or funny but I didn't see a best supporting actor watching him either. And for bonus entertainment, I also went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallways The Lady in Black with Harry Potter Daniel Radcliff and I was excited to see Daniel Radcliff pull off a convincing scary movie. Heart him too. 

So I went and I painted the hell out of some pottery last Friday and while I was there I ran across something delightful! An old school pencil sharpener!! I know you are all scratching your heads right now. However, I haven't seen one of these in like 20 years. It was attached to the counter at The Accidental Artist and there was a yellow #2 pencil sitting right next to it with a brand new fully sharpened tip. It was begging to be used, so I broke the tip and I sharped the pencil. It was fun, not gonna lie. Ahh nostalgia!
You know you wanna use it.
This is the one I did Friday and it's going to look different when it's been in the kiln. 


Underrated Actors # 4

Luke Evans

I haven't seen Luke Evans in too much. In fact up until this morning I didn't know his name. I have, since last year, simply referred to him as "that guy". Example: "Hey! The guy in the gold metalic booty shorts is that guy from The Three Musketeers!" (That was while I was watching the Immortals last year.) Or watching the trailer for The Raven yesterday, "It's that guy that rocked the gold booty shorts!" So yes, I've seen him as Zeus and as   a Musketeer and as Apollo (in Clash of the Titans) and I can't wait to see him in The Raven opposite John Cusak (and I seem to be the only person I know of that's excited about that movie. I heart Cusak). He's entertaining and enjoyable. I have yet to see him in anything where he wasn't wearing a costume of some sort, but hopefully sometime or another he'll make a modern movie. Although I love a good period piece as much as the next girl. 
Ok, it was a gold skirt and not gold booty shorts. Damn the difference. 

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