Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's new with me? Glad you asked.

The worst thing in the world is popcorn kernels getting stuck in my teeth. I don't get why popcorn has to be such a bastard and hide in impossible to reach locations where only your tongue can find. Then you constantly rub it with your tongue to try to dislodge it, but it doesn't do anything except make you look like you're chewing on your tongue. Not to mention, I used to LOVE the popcorn but right now I feel like I may be sick from it. What an icky (partial) lunch. 

The hubby called today with exciting news! He has a job interview this coming Monday! Everyone please cross your fingers and send some good karma our way. He needs and deserves a good job with regular hours and benefits. 

So the hubby and I decided we wanted to look into getting approved for a home mortgage loan. We knew it would be a work in progress, but we met with a consultant Monday to get the ball rolling. We discovered we weren't in as bad condition as I thought we were, but we have some work to do. So we have "homework" for the remainder of the year to get ourselves ready for a house purchase. At least we now know what to do and I feel good about it. 

I was tested last week for diabetes. My dad has it and his uncle had it. I won't know the results myself until next Wednesday when I go to the doctor. Hopefully I don't have it too, but being overweight with a family history of it, my chances aren't looking so good. I am not equipped to deal with that kind of strict self discipline, I can barely make a diet stick. 

I have developed an alarming obsession with all things Matthew MacFayden. I'm watching MI-5 and anything else I can find him in on Netflix possibly more often than I should. My husband may be getting suspicious of my relationship with him via Netflix. Luckily, I control the Netflix so he can't separate us. 
He has a stress headache because I haven't watched him in a few days.
Don't worry, Matthew, I'm coming back.
All I want to do, when not watching Matthew MacFayden, is eat pineapple sherbet and then sleep. I'm so tired! I went to bed at 9 the other night and 10 last night-and last night I was ill (as in annoyed not sick- I'm southern ya'll) because I was up so late. 

Here's hoping that 1) I get the kernel out of my tooth, 2) Hubby gets a new job, 3) I don't have the diabetes, and 4) I can stay awake long enough to get though the work day and play with some friends this evening. 


  1. The weird kernel skin things that get stuck everywhere are the worst. I stopped eating popcorn because of those things (they get caught in tonsils too).
    Best of luck to your hubby. That's good news.
    Hope you don't have the betes (what no one calls it).
    I have no idea who MacFayden is so thank you for that intro.

  2. I hate popcorn for this very reason, which sucks, because I love popcorn.

    Good luck to the hubby! *sending good vibes your way*

    My grandfather and uncle both had childhood diabetes which carried into adulthood, and my dad was diagnosed with Type 2 last month, so I'm kinda freaking out about that. Here's hoping you don't have it and I don't get it! *more good vibes*

    I don't know of this Matthew McFayden man, but he's a hottie.

  3. Hello Matthew MacFayden. I know I'm supposed to love the Colin Firth Mr. Darcy above all others, but I sure do love good ol' Matthew's version a lot.

  4. Good luck with the diabetes test and the house stuff, doll. I will, of course, be here if you need to talk. Let me and the girls know when you get your test results back, please ma'am!

    I didn't know who Matthew MacFayden was either, so I'll have to do some homework of my own.

  5. That is PRECISELY why I haven't eaten popcorn in years. Best wishes with the test results.


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