Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The fun begins!

My little lentil (he's the size of a lentil this week) is going to be OCD. Right when he hit the 5 week mark he made me aware of my condition by making me gag smelling buffalo wings. Then, right when the clock struck 6 weeks, he decided it was time for the morning sickness to begin. 

Only it's not in the mornings. For the past 2 days it's actually been at 1:00 in the afternoon. Monday was a hard day. I spend over an hour curled up on the floor in the handicapped stall at work. I had many different women stop and come by my stall:

Random stranger: "Honey, are you alright?"

Me: "I'll be fine."

Random stranger: "Do you need anything? Wet paper towel? Ice water?"

Me: "No thank you, I'm just making a baby."

Random stranger: **COOING** "I remember when I was pregnant with my girls...." then they stood outside my stall telling me the story of their morning sickness while I was heaving and looking a lot like this:

I don't mind kindness from strangers. I appreciate their concern and their offers to help in any way they can. But I mean come on. I'm puking my guts up and you wanna chat? 

To combat the sickness while at work Tuesday I came armed with a box of Saltine crackers and gingerale made with real ginger. And I was ready at 1:00 when it struck again. It was close. It was a battle. I won. I was trembley, queasy, and sweaty, but I didn't toss my cookies (or my crackers). 

I'm glad that I'm right on track with everything. Maybe that means I will do this right and not screw it up. I won't even complain too much if the "morning" sickness happens only at 1:00 every day. At least I'll know when to expect it.

It does concern me a little that on my impending vacation to Boston, NYC, Salem, Providence, Binghamton that I'll be heaving in sidewalk trashcans though. That won't be much fun. I heard vitamin B6 helps so I may try that. 


  1. If you can handle the taste, for traveling you might want to pick up some candied ginger root from a health food store. Ginger ale works but you're drinking and peeing a lot. Candied ginger root allows you to just nibble on a small piece of it.

    Good luck... morning sickness sucks. Hope it passes quickly for you.

    1. I'll definitely look into that and I heard about Preggie Pops that are supposed to help as well.

  2. The baby counter at the top of your page made me smile. I'm so excited for you!

    What I'm not excited about is you throwing up all the time. :-(
    I wish I had some sage advice to give you, but I have no children of my own. I'd google the shit out of morning sickness symptoms and pass them on though. I think I will. You need all the help you can get!

  3. "Morning sickness" (what a stupid fucking name..) is awful. I had it all day, everyday... A few days, I was basically bed ridden because I was puking so much. And, I still get it, despite being almost 25 weeks! But, it's not nearly as bad... But, the good thing is- morning sickness typically coincides with a very healthy pregnancy :) good luck!

  4. One of my oldest friends threw up in a bush in front of a crowd at Starbucks when she was pregnant. And I just laughed and laughed when she told me. Another old friend, who lives in Chicago, had the pukes at work so badly one day when she was pregnant she decided to call it quits and go home. One hour and one trip on the EL later, she arrived home to realize she had left her house keys on her desk at work. She sat on her stoop and cried. I laughed and laughed at that one too.

    The moral of this is that these things will happen, it's funny (or at least, it will be funny to you later), and I'm an asshole.

    1. You ARE an asshole! lol, but I'd be the same exact way. Even if people told me those stories now I'd laugh, even though I'm in the same boat. However if it was me personally going through those scenarios, no it would not be funny in the least tiny bit- for at least a few years.

  5. OMG congrats on your lentil!!! That's so exciting. I hope the sickness passes though. I never understood why they call it "morning" sickness--I don't think I've ever known a pregnant woman who only got sick in the morning. The afternoon actually seems to be most common. Weird. :/


  6. Congrats! my wife suffered with morning sickness through until her 2nd trimester then seemed to be fine...

  7. Congratulations, and that's a great counter on your page! I don't suppose it counts down to when you'll start showing, and random strangers will start petting your stomach and acting like that isn't batshit insane?

  8. I get so excited when people I know are pregnant. It's sometimes a little sad since I couldn't have any, but I figure there's a reason for it and just focus on the joy of other people's babies. I'm so happy for you!


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