Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bonus post

Hey guys! Sorry I've been totally absent. I'll be resuming my regularly scheduled blogging/commenting/returning comments in a couple of days. My cell phone died on Tuesday and I haven't even bothered to charge it. My vacation is winding down, which is good because I am exhausted. Thanks for bearing with me!

Would you like to hear the places my kidney bean (it's a kidney bean this week) has had me vomit this week?
1) Fast food bathroom in Salem, MA. 
2) The mall in Albany, NY
3) Hotel in Binghamton, NY
4) My favorite: a fancy sushi restaurant in the Upper West Side of Manhattan where my hubby and sister had to pay $5 apiece for a soda so I could use their bathroom then we had to pretend we were going to eat there but I was sick so we changed our mind. FYI- I hated doing that, but there's a serious lack of public restrooms in NYC. 

See you all in a few!

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