Wednesday, April 18, 2012

N is for Novels

I love books. I love reading and discovering new places, people, and ideas. Whether it's mysteries, biographies, horror, sci-fi, trashy romances, travel, or cooking- I love books. The weight, the feel, the smell. Actual books you hold in your hands and can take in the bath with you. 

I have a special place in my heart for trashy romances- not going to lie there. Just fun mindless short reads, and that's never a bad thing. But also, JD Robb's In Death series (Nora Roberts in disguise) makes my heart oh so happy. Eve Dallas may be one of the best characters in fiction right now- strong, smart, funny, and married to an Irish piece of man-meat. 

My favorite author is Katie MacAlister. She writes everything from historical to contemporary romances, vampire lore, dragon tales, and all kinds of things in between. She also has a teen line of novels. Not only is she herself hilarious, down to earth, and easily accessible, but her heroines are all normal women with spunky personalities. No waif thin, vapid women with personalities that let them be overshadowed. Her ladies are all strong and sexy and flawed and a lot of times, which I love, they're a little bit plump. 

I definitely recommend everyone check her out. 


  1. I haven't read anything by Katie MacAlister, but I obviously need to check into her. I love the Janet Evanovich books for the same reasons... hilarious, spunky, down to earth heroines. :)

  2. Trashy books are my faves! I read them like it's my job.
    I love Marian Keyes... her books are more chick lit than bodice-rippers, but I really love the dialogue in her books.

    Any particular books by Katie MacAlister you recommend?

    1. She has some stand alone that are all great, but I love her Vampire series and her Dragon series (within the dragon series there are the Silver Dragon book, the Green dragon books, and the Silver).

      A good introduction to her and her paranormal world is A Girl's Guide to Vampires.

      Here's a link to all her books:

  3. I am going to have to check her out. I've never been much of a romance novel reader, but these sound pretty good.

    1. Katie is the best, she's romance yes, but it's all so fun sexy and spunky!


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