Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Going-Ons

First of all, I was lucky enough to be the victim of a pretty sweet spring cold. Usually, this happens to me every year and turns into bronchitis. I don't ever mind too much because it means I get to down that sweet sweet nectar of the Gods that is codeine cough syrup. Well. Being preggo I can't take that, so while my cold is more or less gone there's a pesky cough that has me nervous as hell. I'm not sure I'd survive bronchitis without my codeine syrup. 

Then, I've hit that awesome 12 week mark in the journey of knocked-upness. I'm currently 12 and a half weeks, which  means I'm a few short days to the second trimester and that's a big deal. I'm excited about it. 

And now, even though I won't find out until June 12th if I'm having a boy or a girl, I just purchased the first things for the nursery and it's girl oriented. I suppose I can return it if it turns out to be a boy. But it's just so pretty... Although, I do feel like I'm gonna pop out a boy, I figure it wouldn't hurt... Honest to God, I really don't care if I have a boy or a girl. As long as it's a bouncing happy baby, that's all that matters to me. I'll just have more to learn about if it's a boy! 


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