Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Things be happening ya'll.

Here's a list of what I have going on right now:
  • Noelle has just gotten over her first cold. She was absolutely pitiful. Especially since it come on a just a few days after she broke out into a crazy rash her first day trying formula. It was a rough couple of weeks for her. 
  • I've been back to work now like 20 days not including weekends. It took a good 6 work days to remember how to properly do my job. Two months is a long time to go without working and I'm not so good at retaining information.
  • I've been thinking about Noelle's first birthday. It's on a Wednesday (yes in November, but I like to plan) and I can't decide if she should have her party that day evening or the weekend after. Should I take off work that day to cuddle her all day? My sister will be 20 this year and my mom still takes the ENTIRE WEEK off to be at home with her- even if my sister isn't home the whole time. In case she is home and wants to see my mother she's there ready for her. Lame. I mean, I'll totally probably do that too with my Nuggie, but whatever. 
  • I have a birthday hovering over my head. It's happening in March. It's the big 3-0. Ugh. I'm torn between taking the entire week off and staying in bed and mourning the loss of my youth and saying "fuck it, a lot of people don't even make it to 30" and giving myself a spa day. You know what. I'm going to go with the second option. 
And now, the most exciting two things that I have coming up in the next few months:

1) A family cruise in May. The hubby and I will be joining my parents and sister for a delightful 5 night cruise to the Bahamas. Ridiculously excited!

Carnival Ship Ecstasy

The fact that when I just this moment Googled images of my ship this came up:
Carnival Ship Ecstasy fire 1998

...well... it worries me a bit. Here's hoping I don't die, guys. 
OMG. I don't even... SURE DEATH <--- article talking about the fire. 
My nice relaxing vacation may actually lead to my death. 
I can't think about that right now. I'll think about it tomorrow. 

2) TATE!!!!! 

The Airborne Toxic Event are going back on tour! This time they are even coming close to me. I've seen them twice, once in Charlotte and once in Washington, DC, both locales are 4+ hours away from me and require days off work and hotels and lots of gas and food money. THIS time, it's a mere hour and a half away. Pre-Sale tickets went on sale this morning at 10:00. By 10:02 I was the proud owner of 2 of those tickets. I don't know who all wants to go, but I ensured that I do have a ticket for myself should they sale out before everyone else makes a decision whether to go or not. 

I hope that video down there works- it works on my phone, but I can't check it on my work computer... If it doesn't work either YouTube them yourself or take my word for it. Amazing. No, actually, YouTube them. They'll speak for themselves. 


  1. The big 3-0 is coming up for me soon as well, and I'm not looking forward to it either. Also, I love the Airborne Toxic Event but haven't yet seen them live. They're coming to Boulder AND Denver in a few months, and I'm halfway between both places... maybe I have to see them twice...?

    1. I recommend seeing them twice. If you have the time, stick around and hang out with them afterwards. They are super friendly and lovely people. I didn't get to see Mikel, but the other 4 were out mingling and being awesome.

  2. 30 is rad. Don't even sweat it. When you turn 30 you immediately feel superior to every 20 something you meet... you feel like you have all of the wisdom in the world.


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