Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There must be some Torros in the atmosphere.

Is it spring yet? Here in Eastern NC, we don't get much in the way of seasons. It's mainly 8 months of summer, 1 month of fall, 1 month of winter, followed by 1 month of spring that again bleeds into summer. Right now we're in the winter month. That means it snowed for like an hour last week and it's 41 degrees now. 

In  the dead of summer when I'm roasting in the 100 degree weather, I always say I won't mind the cold weather when it finally gets here. By the time the cold weather gets here though I've completely forgotten the sweating misery and I'm desperate for warm weather again. It's hard for me to dress during the winter. My wardrobe is 90% dresses, so when it's cold I have to put leggings on and a cardigan and it really cramps my style. 

I hate pants. 

So, spring is fast approaching. We all just celebrated a New Year, but it seems like the real renewal comes with spring. That's like the rebirth of everything. When people really feel like it's time to make changes, like cleaning, organizing, etc.

Me, I'm not so much a cleaner. My husband it. It's actually his love sign. Turns out if I really want him to know how much I adore him I'm supposed to clean. The problem with this is that there is nothing I hate more than cleaning. Whereas my love sign is clinginess or something. I like time spent together. That doesn't mean I don't adore him with every fiber of my being, it just means I'm lazy ya'll. 


  1. You should maybe suggest that you sit on his back while he cleans...clingycleany piggy ride?!

    I hate pants!!!

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  3. I hate pants too. So I don't wear them. The joys of being a writer!

    I also hate cleaning. But unfortunately that one I can't just ignore, like pants.


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