Monday, April 22, 2013

Dream Study: Death by Cupcake

The names have been changed, to protect anyone from being prosecuted because of my insane dreams.  

I have some pretty amazing friends and last night I dreamed about all of us in our finest form. It's all totally plausible, so I'm going to put my dream out there now for you to all enjoy (or not enjoy, whatevs). 

Death by Brown Sugar

So I had this dream the other day that I made some cupcakes for my friend Nina's nurse co-worker, let's call her Marge. I made the cupcakes for Marge and a few days later she comes up to me saying the cupcakes were gross and she can tell I used a low quality brown sugar in them. 

This greatly offended me since I was, for some reason, really proud of my brown sugar. So I told my friend Nina and her husband P8 (Pate) while my sister other friend Kay was there listening. P8 got deeply offended for me and he killed Marge with an ax. 

We were all totally cool with this. We went about our business satisfied that the lady that dare criticize me was dead. 

I guess P8 didn't dispose of the body well or something, because it didn't take anytime before the police were rounding us up to question and it then occurred to us that we hadn't bothered to work out an alibi and there was no way we could call/text/speak to each other since we were being watched. The police also wanted us to all bring in our brown sugar as evidence. 

I don't know what our fate was, I woke up before it could be determined. However, let this be a lesson. #1 don't talk shit about my baking. I will have you killed. #2 if you're going to commit a crime, get your stories straight before the police have a chance to question you. 


  1. I just snorted at work! Funny!

    I bet I would loooooooove your baking!

  2. hahahaha omg ...your brown sugar is great I swear!!!

    my dream last night was about flying, was sitting in an air plane for 10 hours, annoying kids behind me...boring inflight movie..

  3. I'm actually kinda jealous that I never have awesome dreams like this. Also, I wish I had a friend who was good enough to axe someone in my honor.

    1. I have a great group of friends, we're all insane, so you know... axin' ain't nothin' but a thang.


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