Monday, June 3, 2013


I've been busy you guys. Sunday-Wednesday nights are filled with either baking delicious treats for the Uptown Umbrella Market or actually being at the Market. Then Thursday is trivia night. Friday is ladies night. Saturday I crash. Sunday it all begins again. Along with working a full time desk job. Lately, I've even been skipping trivia to have a few hours to myself and go to bed early. 

I love it though. I love trying out new recipes. I love going to the Umbrella Market. I love having awesome feedback from strangers that enjoy my treats. I love it all. I don't love the 12 year old that's the Market manager this year (ok she's maybe 19, but NO OLDER than 21). She's a bit (ok a lot) annoying. It's the fake bubbly that makes my palms itch to smack her. Anyways, in all, I'm having fun. 

I'm not exactly making any money though. Each Wednesday I have to spend $20 ($10 for the table and another $10 for the umbrella) and then I have to give the market 10% of what I make. So then, once I pay all that out, what I have left is pretty much just covering the cost of the ingredients that I put into it. That should start turning around now though. I'm going to be buying my own table this week and in a couple more weeks I'll get my own umbrella too. 

I'm not too worried about making money at this point. I figure in a month I should be bringing it in. Each week (I've gone twice now) is teaching me more and more. My baking is getting more streamlined, my costs are evening out. I'm still having a ton of fun. 

You know how I said I've been having fun trying new things? Here's some of my favorite things:

Lemon Basil cupcakes. I originally made these for my friend's birthday. I then fell in love with them. Everyone is a little apprehensive at first, but then they try them and realize it's nothing to be scared of. Light and fluffy basil cake with a smooth lemon frosting- delicious!

S'mores cupcakes!! Graham cracker cake with marshmallow fluff filling, chocolate ganache spread, and then marshmallow topping- pop it in the over to toast the tops and HOLYHELL DELICIOUS. It's also ridiculously messy. Worth it. 

This I just made last night- Mini Oreo cheesecakes! The crust is an Oreo cookie. I mean, yes. 



  2. can you deliver?????
    sound slike a busy life right now but at least you enjoy most of the things :)

  3. Those mini oreo cheesecakes look like pure heaven.

    If right now you can just break even, that's still a pretty decent start. Those big sales will come - it's all about word of mouth! And food that looks that good will surely be talked about.

  4. Those s'mores cupcakes look DIVINE.


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