Monday, June 24, 2013

Cats for Sale: Price? I'll pay you.

I have 3 cats and a pug. My pug is fabulous and is never an issue (except for how much she loves to gnaw on my friend Lesley's elbow and hump her arm), but my cats are a damn nuisance. Seriously. The husband and I have been talking and we really need to get rid of 2 of the 3. I'm not doing Craigslist List, I'm not taking them to the pound, I'm not dropping them at the Humane Society. I really want a good home for them.  

Rosalie used to be a big problem for us. She was great when I first rescued her from the sidewalk in the rain in the middle of December a few years ago. Then she moved in with my original 2 cats and my oldest cat made her miserable. Rosalie refused to go out into public spaces and she spent about 10 months living in my closet. She lost weight, she was always alone. When she'd venture into public space, Grace would spot her and corner her. Rosalie lost a lot of fur. During this time, due to her trauma she would also pee all over the place. For the past year, she's stopped doing that. She's gained weight, she's calmed down, she's not food aggressive, she uses the litter box like a champ. Not to mention she's so sweet and so loving. She cuddles really well. 

Grace is the other that needs to go. Grace is my oldest kitty. She's 6 now- she is large and in charge. She's very territorial, but actually very sweet. One on one, she's probably my favorite cat to spend time with. Recently, in the past month or so, she's isolated herself into the office and hasn't really left except to go to the bathroom. Rosalie, she started pushing back when Grace would try to intimidate her. As a result of Rose pushing back, Grace has retreated and she's miserable. She's lost weight, she's depressed, she's spazy. She loves to be petted, she loves attention and loving, she just doesn't want anyone (human or animal) to see her being loved on and liking it. She will roll over and let you blow on her belly, she'll nuzzle you while you pet her. However, she'll never approach you for the attention and petting she wants. You have to go to her. 

Bella, well other than throwing up her food all the time from eating too much, she's pretty great and she's not an option. She stays with us for the long haul. She'll even lay and let Noelle pet her and grab her tail and not swat at her. 
I hate the idea of getting rid of any of my animals. They really are like family to me, but we've got too much going on. A baby, a pug, and 3 cats is too much in a 3 bedroom apartment. I refuse to just let them go to any random person, so I suspect it'll take a while before they do go to a new home. 

In the mean time I'm taking applications- WHO WANTS A KITTY??


  1. i wish i could help...i want them all :(

  2. I'd love to if I didn't already have my own bundle of furry chaos. And I have a feeling if I took one of yours, I'd be in the exact same situation you are now.


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