Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Fall!!!

My favorite time of year is Fall. The leaves turn gorgeous shades, the weather finally cools off and makes living in NC bearable. The autumn colors go so well with my coloring, the olives, browns, golds, deep rusts, and pretty plums. The pumpkins, the fairs, and the scary attractions. And best of all, the fall baking commences!!

I started out my fall baking season with pumpkin cupcakes with brown sugar cinnamon butter cream frosting. The cake itself was very tasty, I got a little heavy handed with the cinnamon and nutmeg, but I was assured by my sister that it was ok and you could never use too much of those particular ingredients, and I couldn't agree more. However, the frosting I wasn't crazy about. My husband assured me he loved it, and I got lots of compliments at work but I just didn't like the grittiness of the brown sugar. If anyone knows a way to get rid of some of the grittiness please comment and let me know. Like I said though, the flavor was very good.

I'm not sure what I'll whip up next, but I'm sure it'll be something soon and tasty. I'm going to try making some  from scratch marshmallows soon. The gelatin in need is ridiculously expensive (I won't mention it to Tom), but once I get the cash for that and order it (mail order and currently out of stock) I'm going to tackle it. I am ready...

Until then, it's time for all the fall festivities!!

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