Monday, September 26, 2011

The second time's a charm

Hello world.

This is my second attempt at a blog. The first attempt fell into a downward spiral of crazy that I just barely dug my way out of. I have left it for dead and decided, after lots of consideration, to start fresh here. On a whole new site. To be honest the other one was a bit too...Myspacey for me. Full of the younger crowd and lots of cat videos. Which hey, I'm a fan of cat videos too. I can't promise I'll never post one, because I probably will.

Anyways, some about me? Is this where I lapse into a speech all about myself? Well I'll try to keep the speech to a minimum, however I do love talking about me as I am my favorite subject (other than TATE). So here goes nothing:

Hi, I'm Jess. I'm married to Tom, who is an incredibly patient man (no really, trust me). We have a few cats and one very precocious pug. We currently live in North Carolina, but it's no secret that I'm desperately trying to get us back up to New York where Tom is from. I know I know, a Southern Belle such as myself willing and eager to move up into Yankee territory, it's shameful.

I love to get crafty. I enjoy making holiday wreathes, baking tasty treats, sewing a few trinkets, and all kinds of other things. I currently work for The Man, we'll just leave it at that.

I have a sister, Tara (Arat, T-Leigh) she's an 18 year old bum. She's not in school or working, and that should probably change, but I'm not expecting it to anytime soon. Also surrounding me are several very interesting and unique and varied people whom I love dearly.

So that's that. Me in a very tiny nutshell. Why tell more and give away all the fun upfront?

PS: That's me -->

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