Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ahh the dramatics

I'm a firm believer that you don't have to like everyone you encounter in life. I believe that you can meet someone and just instantly dislike them for no good reason other than you can sense something inside them, something that may not be that obvious, but something in them that you just don't like. Maybe it's the intuitive Pisces in me. Maybe I'm just a prejudicial bitch.

Sometimes you have people that you just don't like, but you have to be around them daily. In this instance I've found it best to just keep quiet and get on with my day to day tasks. There's this one person in particular. I don't like them. They're loud, rude, obnoxious, and hides behind a facade of Christianity. I can handle the first three fairly well, it's the pretending to be a good Christian when really you're a surly cunt that bothers me the most.

I'm not very religious as I have a dislike towards institutions that condemn other people that don't believe what they do to Hell. I do believe in a God. And to do that I do not have to identify with any certain religion. I don't have to go somewhere to pray. I don't have to hand over money to be a believer. I don't have to look down my nose at the majority of the world because they don't believe what I do. Religions, to me, seem to harbor hate. They spread fear and ignorance and intolerance. No one is beneath anyone else, no one is better than anyone else. No matter your race, religion, culture, gender, sexual preference, no one is better than the other one.

But the fake Christians with their spouting of love, tolerance, and self-righteous immunity from the rest of humanity, these people disgust me. ***That's not to say that there are not good Christians, as absolutely there are.There are people out there that actually follow along with their gospel.*** But the one's that are back-stabbing, bitter, two-faced, hateful, prideful, and intolerant of other people's beliefs or thoughts or way of doing things, these people are not good Christians.

This wasn't supposed to be a post on religion. It was supposed to be a post about this one particular person that I have bit my tongue around for months and months and months. Until recently, when I kind of lost it. I mean, not went flying across the room and beating them with a blunt instrument lost it (unless you count my head movies), just for once I could not keep my mouth shut and stood up for myself. This resulted in an altercation (not physical) and a meeting and then another meeting. One idiot, one person that's not worth the scum on the bottom of my shoe, made me lose my cool and potentially lose my good standing.

And that's the problem, I let someone insignificant almost ruin everything I've been working towards. You don't look good when your shouting, it doesn't reflect well on me and could have made me lose my good standing with my peers. It didn't. But it could have. The other person, they already lost their good standing long ago, as they are a surly cunt and there's no way they can hide this. It's no secret, it's no big surprise, so this person has nothing to lose.

So for now on, I will renew my efforts to complete my tasks, bite my tongue, and be the better person.

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