Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ra Ra Riot @ Cat's Cradle 10/28/11

This past Friday I went with Nassim and Sp8 to see Ra Ra Riot play at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC. It's a couple of hours from where we live. So we piled up in Snatch (what's we've lovingly dubbed Sp8's car) and headed off to land of the Hipster.

Now I knew going into this situation that there would be Hipsters. It's a college bar right by the NC Chapel Hill campus, I wasn't going in blind. Even though I knew it was coming, I wasn't ready for the full onslaught of it all. The skinny jeans. The striped deep v's. The beanies. The cardigans. The scraggly facial hair. The thick-framed glasses. I swear it's like some how or another nature knows that the planet is over populated so it's doing something to where we're breeding guys to be un-fuckable now so we can fight the over-crowding. I mean, some are adorable, but you just want to cuddle at the very most. Hipster boys are lacking in the testosterone. 

Before Ra Ra Riot started playing there was an opening band. Blessedly we missed the first one. Sadly Nassim and I had to stand there through the second one. Delicate Steve. It was awful. I mean truly. There were very little lyrics, which was probably a blessing, but there was an abundance of barking, owl hooting, mainly barking. I couldn't do anything but stand there with my apple juice and shake my head and I think my mouth was hanging open and wish I was drinking the bad red wine that Nassim had. I was prepared for bouncing and woo-ing all night and I was not sure the proper way a person is supposed to get down to the sounds that Delicate Steve was making. You know what, I'm just going to leave a sampling of it down here for you to see for yourselves.


Anyways, once they vacated the vicinity, Ra Ra Riot came on and they put on a hell of a show. They are really very good live and it helped to remove the bad taste that Delicate Steve had left in my mouth. 
I even located my balls after the show and I was able to approach the lead singer Wes and tell them they were great get a picture and an autograph. Of course my eyes have this weird white glow, but who cares. 
He's an adorable Hipster, not gonna lie. 

So anyways, Ra Ra Riot was awesome and I woo'd and I bounced and I sang along and I had a fabulous time with Nassim. Sp8 kind of disappeared with his friend Gavin and reappeared half way through the show, so it was just me and Nassim gettin' our woo girl on, for the most part.

And here is a snippet from Ra Ra Riot that Sp8 took with his handy handy iphone.

And if you want a whole lot of Ra Ra Riot goodness, here's something else for you:

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