Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That happened...

The thing I always look forward to in October is the big Halloween party at Local Bar that Husband Frequents**. With the exception of last year, I have gone every year for since like 2004 or 2005 ( can't remember exactly...). So that was the big October send off that my friends and I were all waiting for. There's always tons of people, lots of awesome costumes, a band, a costume contest, and a too long line for the bathroom. 

This year something bad happened. It turns out, instead of doing the sensible thing, the bar owners decided to have the big Halloween bash on...Halloween. Which was a Monday. Which is just ridiculous. It's an effing weekday. Why not do like always and have the party on the Saturday before? It seems to make sense, hell they've done it that way every year that I can remember. We even slipped the owner a little adviCe with a well placed "Are you SURE you want to have it Monday?" Even in a college town like this there's classes, and if the professors are still like they were when I was there, they do not give a shit if you are hungover and have to do the walk of shame from a random hook-ups house straight to class, there WILL be class November 1st and there WILL be either a test or a paper due. Fuckers. (Not that I have to worry about classes and dick professors now as I am old and hold down an 8 to 5 job with Huge Financial Company That Did Not Require A Bailout.)

So it was no surprise to me that the big Halloween send off was a total shitshow. There was hardly anyone there. Even getting one of the locally famous bands to play didn't draw a crowd. The costume contest was total bullshit. My husband and I won the contest back in the day (I was the queen of hearts and he was the  Mad Hatter) and I don't know about him but I am proud to say that. I felt pretty good about our chances for winning this year. I was a kitty and he was a bag of catnip. Sure mine was a standard costume, but I thought with the creativity of my bag of catnip by  my side we had a decent chance of winning that $100 grand prize. Or $50 second place gift card. Or hell even the $25 third place gift card.

This year they didn't even let couples enter together. It was males and then females and then the winners from those faced off. The judges, at the end, said "Oh there's couples out here. Let's get them up here and the winners get a beer!!" Oh, gee. Really? Wow. You shouldn't have. No really. You shouldn't have. And another thing, the judges were the singer and guitar player for that crap band. Those are not qualified judges! 

I wasn't pleased with the evening. It was just such a let down from all of the fun that the rest of the month was. I hope next year Local Bar that Husband Frequents gets their shit together, but it's going to be a Leap Year next year so it's going to be on a Wednesday. Hopefully there won't be 2 years of crappy weekday parties before the fun of at least a Friday night one. 

**I'll be mysterious and keep the real name of the bar private to not offend people who... you know... own it...

Tom and me. Don't hate, I am creative.

Tasting her next meal.

I guess it's good zombies don't get down on catnip. 

Tara (the sister) as roadkill. A dead raccoon. 

Lay, in her perfect role, a dead school girl. 

My husband is tall. 

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