Sunday, November 27, 2011

I made a perfect Turkey!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone with a "Gobble Gobble" not to be heard from again until next year. This was an especially eventful Thanksgiving for me. The night before Lesley and I drove 4 hours away to Charlotte to watch The Airborne Toxic Event-- my favorite band. We saw them earlier this year and they put on just an incredible performance. They engage the crowd, they play tons and tons of songs, they have lots of energy, and they just are such a charismatic band.

And Mikel the singer is just so awesome. He took someone's phone while they were recording him and he took over the filming himself. Not many bands these days even allow video recording. *sigh* He's just so great and dreamy. So I found the video on Youtube for everyone to enjoy:

Anyways, the next day Lesley and I went  over to my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner, which is half way between home and Charlotte. That left my husband going to his parents house. Since we weren't going to be together on Thanksgiving, the husband and I planned to have our own little Thanksgiving the Saturday afterwards.

So I made my first turkey!! I was so scared, but it ended up coming out perfectly! I was so happy about it. Actually I made a Thanksgiving feast for just me, the hubby, and my sister Tara. Like broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cream cheese corn, sweet potato souffle (which was awful), and a pumpkin gingerbread cheesecake. All for 3 people. That's how I roll. I figure this has given me excellent practice for the future Thanksgivings when I have kids of my own to cook for. 

Ohh and we went and got our Christmas tree as well. I have a convertible VW Beetle... so that was a hilarious expedition. I'm sure we made a memorable site. Me driving with the top down, my 6'3" husband riding shotgun and my sister holding onto the Christmas tree that is riding along backseat behind me. I wish I had a pic of all of that, but I do have this:

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  1. I was terrified by the task of cooking for thanksgiving too, but I made it out without a...burn mark? :-)

    Glad you had a good thanksgiving. Let's hope Christmas is just as great!


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