Monday, November 28, 2011

Bring on the music!!

It's officially Christmas time. The tree has been purchased (and carted home in a convertible Bug) and decorated. The hubby and I unwrapped all of our ornaments very carefully and laid them all out to gaze at and realized we hated some of them. We hung the ones we still loved in the perfect spots on the tree. The ones we looked at wondering why we ever bought them (a glass Mount Rushmore?) we bagged up to take over to  my moms- not because we don't like her, but because for some reason they seem to destroy a dozen ornaments every year and hardly have anymore. We have way too many ornaments anyways so it doesn't take away anything from our tree to give away some of the less fortunate ornaments. And then of course it just makes sense to go to a couple of different stores to buy new ones like mini whisks, ladles, serving spoons, and mashers and a rubber ducky. (I feel judged, don't judge us.)

 A few gifts have even been purchased. A very few. Even when the hubby and I went out on Black Friday Eve and braved the crowds we just shopped for ourselves. We just go directly to the DVD sales, we're movie dorks. We're justified in that because, helllooooo Bride Wars for $2? Who DOESN'T want in on that action? 

So with the house *mainly* decorated and a long list of gifts I have yet to buy, it's time to break out the Christmas music!! I love Christmas music. Everything from the old Dean Martin to the new Lady Gaga. Ahh, the Lady makes Christmas so dirty it's delightful. I got the new She & Him Christmas cd last night and I haven't gotten it into my iPod yet so it's sitting here on my desk looking at me and every now and then I hear "LISTEN TO ME" coming from it's direction. I may have to pop it into my computer here at work before the day is over. And tonight I have a chore, get all of my Christmas cds onto my iPod. 

It's also time to get involved in some holiday baking. Time to start searching for some tasty treats. 

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  1. I don't know what you're into as far as holiday treats, but I have the BOMBEST recipe for cookie that I found over the weekend. It is soooooo good. I've gotten rave reviews every time I've made them for people!


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