Friday, December 2, 2011

I may have a Guardian Angel...

So last week on Thanksgiving day, my friend Lesley and I were driving over to my grandmother's house. We were on a two-lane country road. It was a clear sunny day, no traffic in front of me and very light traffic going in my opposite direction. I was driving, and kind of gazing out the side window looking at the farm land and trees and stuff when I felt a poke on my shoulder. So I looked over at Lay and she was fiddling with something on her lap. I kind of laughed and told her it felt like she had poked me, but it wasn't her. She just shook her head and poked me and said "Kind of like that?" I told her yes, it had been just like that. Then I turned my full attention back to the road and we lapsed into silence. Then...There was a steady stream of on-coming traffic and this old white car swerved out of his lane and entirely into mine. I had to swerve off the road to avoid a head on collision.

If it hadn't been for that "poke" on my shoulder I wouldn't have been paying enough attention to dodge the crazy man in time. So that's when Lay and I realized I must have a guardian angel looking out for me. I figure it's my Papa Higgie that passed away 14 years ago. He was the person I was the closest to in my family, he may be my favorite person that's ever been. 

That's what I'm going to believe anyways. 

Of course, it could be more like this:

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