Thursday, December 1, 2011

Light me up, put me on top. Let's fa la la la la la la.

My Christmas immersion is complete. The house is decorated. My cubicle is even decorated (I swear I'm going to win the work cubicle decorating contest). It's gonna be nothing but Christmas music for the rest of December. Except for brief forays into the non-Christmas section of my iPod to regain my sanity. I am hoping that I manage to get back some of the Christmas spirit that I usually have. I seem to be lacking in it right now for some reason. Maybe it's the weird warm weather, it's just now starting to get cold. Maybe it's just the stress of all the gifts I have yet to purchase and the limited funds I have to get them all purchased. Maybe I just haven't watched enough Christmas movies yet. Whatever it is, I'm missing my mojo and I don't even really feel like baking. 

So I have decided to fake it until I feel it. Tonight is "family movie night"- family meaning friends and my sister. So maybe the cozy atmosphere of Nassim and Speight's home will kick me into the Christmas spirit. Or perhaps it'll take me throwing myself into my kitchen and lovingly stroking my pink KitchenAid while filling it with flour and eggs and such while listening to Zooey Deschanel singing me Christmas songs to kick me into the Christmas spirit. 

Regardless, it's December 1st and lights are twinkling all around me (in my cubicle) and Bing Crosby is crooning to me about a Marshmallow World and I am merely eh. I don't even want to put on any of my holiday headbands! Damn this funk! 

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