Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Underrated Actors/Actresses #2, but first a short hello

Imma be real with you guys. I am stressed the eff out. 

Work is kicking my ass. My grandfather is losing his mind and is ornery as hell. My head is constantly pounding and I have over 2 hours before I can get home to the wine in my fridge. I have never been so tempted to bring in a little something other than coffee in my mug than I am this week. And it's a short week.

My trip to Georgia was a drag. My grandfather has just turned mean in his old age and the only one he said anything nice to all weekend was Tiffy, my pug. On the bright side, he does love my Tiffikins, which I can totally get down with because she's effin' adorable. And also, my racist cousins were in the mountains all weekend. 

And yes, she was medicated to ensure a pleasant car ride home-hence the drug eyes. And that up there, that's where my grandmother has gotten her hair cut in the past. No one sees anything wrong with this. 

                                                   Rosamund Pike

She's beautiful, funny, and charming. She has the ability to say so  much with just her eyes. You may have seen her in An Education, Surrogates, Die Another Day, or Pride & Prejudice (can you tell it's a fave?). She's a Brit and as such she's done more over in the UK. I have my fingers crossed that with Wrath of the Titans (coming out later this year) she'll catch the eye of the American audience and lead to more of her on this side of the pond. Check her out peeps and maybe if we clamor enough we can get her more work!

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  1. I've never even heard of this chick. I'll get on that list of films asap!


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