Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I was invited to a Valentine's Brunch!

Hi everyone! I was invited to a Valentine's Brunch by Jess over at It's Jess!. I know you're upset that you weren't invited. You see dear, it's just that I'm so elegant and entertaining that fabulous people want to spend time with me in a way they don't want to spend it with... Oh no! I wasn't going to say you! Darling no, I was going to say peasants. 

Anyhoo. I was invited to her party over in England. So I had to make my way over there. Since times are hard, with the recession, Daddy had to sell the big jet... so I was stuck having to take the little pond skimmer. 
It's so embarrassing.
Once I got to her house  (a bit modest really) where I was staying for a few days, I met up with my English man toy.
I know it's just brunch, but you'd THINK he'd make an effort. 
My man toy agreed to accompany me to brunch since my dear husband was stuck at the office training his new secretary.  
She learns quickly I hear.
Husband was nice enough to send over a small token to surprise me.
It's smaller than last year, perhaps the magic is dissipating?
I was a bit jet lagged so I'm sure I was looking a fright. So I didn't even really bother to dress. Just threw on the first rumpled dress I found in my suitcase. 

I really ought to get out there to see Jess. I can hear some of the other guests arriving and I'd hate to be rude. Bill and Kat will definitely want to be leaving early, first Valentine's Day as a married couple as all. 
They are always so handsy.
I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day! I assure you I will- having been lucky enough to get invited to this lovely brunch. 


  1. Your outfit! You look like Doris Day gone infinitely fabulous!

    What a fabulous ring! You know Princess Margaret once called one of Elizabeth Taylor's diamonds "vulgar". So dear Elizabeth let her try it on and then said "It doesn't look so vulgar now, does it?"

    Wasn't she wonderful?

    I hope you haven't missed Bill and Kat... the last I saw of them they were giggling and sneaking off behind a shrub when they thought no one was looking.

    Well, I think I spot my ex Daniel (Craig) arriving with his new wife Rachel. I suppose I should go play nice for a bit and say 'hello' before he gets his knickers in a wad.

    Between me and you, I'm not sure if he's ever really moved on... you know, emotionally speaking.


    1. Well darling, after what you put dear Daniel though... Poor man may never recover.
      You throw a majestic party dear, even if Bill and Kat did disturb me and my English man toy in the shrubs. We were just trying to get some air and here they come cashmere flying off their bodies in every direction! Titillating...

  2. Glad to hear your having such a fancy Valentines day!

  3. I love you, JJ. I really do.

  4. it's good that you had a wonderful holiday

  5. Color me jealous, dear one. Hehehe :) By the way, the movie "Secretary" is one of my all time favorites and I gave it to a boyfriend as a gift one year. Super sexy!

    1. I love that movie so much. My bff and I were snuggled under a blanket watching it one day while I was waiting for the cable/internet guy to show up and so we paused it when he arrived. It wasn't until he was leaving that we realized it was paused on Maggie getting spanked. Between that and us cuddled under the blanket he probably thought he interrupted sexy lesbian time.

    2. Hahaha! That movie is so sexy! It's not for everyone, but I LOVE it. Maggie and James are so good in it and the story is so good aside from the erotica even. In my top 5 favorite erotic movies.


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