Thursday, February 16, 2012

Terrible movie time!

I love movies. Escaping into them and laughing, crying, falling in love, getting angry... everything about movies is such a great escape and journey out of my own head and into some other world. This is why I refuse to watch behind the scenes footage of movies I really love.

I don't discriminate against the kinds of movies I watch. Everything from The Life of David Gale to The Notebook to Jack Frost to Pride & Prejudice to American History X to Last Christmas to Star Trek to Melvin Goes to Dinner. I love movies.

While I am a self-confessed lover of the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy I do also LOVE a terrible movie from time to time. The kind with "actors" one step up from the porn ring and where you can see the mic in nearly every shot. For instance: ThankskillingSanta's Slay, and The Ginger Deadman are some really fabulous movies and we just watched Killjoy's Revenge and was totally transfixed the entire time (who knew there were 2 other before that one? We'll be watching soon).

Sometimes though... there's a movie that's just awful. Rarely do I watch a movie and then say "God that was shit!" Last night it happened.

Don't do it man. Don't watch it.
Last night the hubby (Tom), bff (Lay), and sister (Tara) all bundled up on the couch and watch Shark Night 3D. It was terrible. It was the same basic premise as Piranha 3D but without the campy laugh out loud fun. A group of college kids to go a lake house in the Louisiana country where cell phones don't work and before they get to the house they piss off a couple of local hicks. Then almost immediately, the college kids get picked off one-by-one by these sharks that are swimming about in the effing pond. Clearly these are not normal sharks and clearly they are being controlled by the local hillbillies they pissed off on their way into town. It was generic and terrible.

The entire time I just kept swearing the main girl in the movie was Alexis Bledel's long lost less talented blonde twin.
Alexis Bledel

Sara Paxton

Alas, my sister kept telling me they were not related. Fine. I just think maybe Alexis's father needs to have his mouth swabbed.


  1. I have to agree, Bledel and Paxton look far too alike! Haven't seen Shark 3D, thank goodness! Absolutely adore The Notebook, and well most of the movies you named up there!

    I'm hoping you haven't already been tagged - if not, you have now! Questions and rules are on my blog :)


    GM x

  2. I keep saying I want to watch Sharktopus, but I don't know if I could hang through the whole thing. Hahaha! I do have one for you to see though. I saw it once on TCM Underground (which I miss terribly. God I want cable back!). It's called, Blood Freak. The guy in the story eats some mutant turkey and then his head turns into a turkey head and he goes around killing people. Ha! This is a B-movie from the 60's I believe. Soooo bad, yet so good. Hahaha!

    1. You do know that I just immediately texted my hubby and told him we must find this movie you speak of right? lol, I must see this!

    2. For instance, I just told my hubby and his exact quote?
      "Wow. That sounds incredibly horrible. I like it."
      *swoon* we were made for each other.

    3. Hahaha! I love that. You'll be so thrilled at how weird it is. You have to tell me how you like it.

  3. I must admit I used to be like this and watched anything, but some years ago I became a little bit more selective and just watch what I know I'm probably going to like; like oldies, or certain director's movies, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a little bit of Hammer movies! <3

    1. I'm such a movie snob and pretty much stick to the classics. I'm so pissed about not having cable mainly because I can't watch TCM. Le sigh. Thank Jebus that I have my Hitchcock Collection and various other old movies that I can pop in when I want. Ha!

      Those Hammer flicks are something else aren't they? Haha!


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