Friday, February 17, 2012

My fave topic: me!!

11 Questions from: A Gaping Mind Is Not Necessarily An Open One.

1. If you could meet three people, dead or alive, from any time in history, who would you meet?
1)Oprah  2)Ghandi 3) Jesus
LOL guys!! Kidding!!

1)Mikel Jollett
After seeing the tattoo I got using his lyrics, he would, of course, sing to me.
2) Julian Assange
Brilliant and a little loony. Loves it. 
3) Tom Hanks
Because who the hell doesn't love him?

2. What are you afraid of?
Jelly fish,  gnomes, and David Tennant, yeah, Dr. Who. Ever since I saw him in the Secret Smile years ago I have nightmares every time I've seen him since. I can't even watch Muse (the band) because the lead singer looks like him. 

3. If you could fall in love and marry a fictional character, be it from a TV show, comic, book, movie, etc, who would it be?
Seriously? Like that's even a question. Clearly Mr. Darcy. Calm, stead-fast, loyal, and once you have his heart you have it.  He's quite, intelligent, and not affected by the pressure set on a person by society to live a certain way. Not only that but he's filthy rich and has a fabulous house. We're talking book, Colin Firth's version, or Matthew MacFadyen's version . All fabulous. All amazing. All a great character.  

4. You can have any superpower - what do you choose?
Hello Mystique. I'd love the ability to morph my self to look like anyone I imagined. I'd always be  Angelina Jolie circa 2000. 

5. If you really did have three wishes, what would you wish for?
1) The ability to transport myself anywhere I like with just a thought and snap of the fingers or blink of the eye or pat on the head. 
2) Money. Lots of it. Whenever I wanted it and as much of it as I wanted. 
3) Immortality for me and my loved ones with a clause drawn in that if one of us is like 2,456 and just can't handle another day, we can drift peacefully off to a  lovely floaty death. 

6. Which video game(s) leave you feeling nostalgic?
The original Mario Brothers. I love that game so much. It takes me right back to being a little girl. 

7. The earth is in trouble. The population has grown one person too many, and the world is nearing its end. It is your job to 'remove' one person, in order to save the world. Who do you get rid of?
Just one? I can list about 50  people to take out right now.  But since I have to just go with one... right now... I'd have to say a cunty co-worker that I don't work directly with but she has some serious power issues and doesn't respect my authority (said in Cartman's voice). 

8. What is the best gift that you have ever received?
My engagement ring. It changed everything, you know?
Other than that, on  my 1st birthday my Uncle gave me a teddy bear. His name is Fuzzy Wuzzy and  he'll be 28 soon and he goes everywhere with me. He's been on a cruise and Tokyo and even on my Honeymoon to NYC. 

9. Name the three most important characteristics that you would want your life partner to have?
1) Patience 2) Funny 3)Caring and a bonus 4) intelligence

10. Will you be participating in Black March? Be honest now.
Black March <-- for those who may not have heard of it. Any yeah, I'm honestly not sure. I'm good on the downloading (legal or illegal), on the not purchasing dvds or music, but I'm not sure I can go a month without a visit to the theaters... my bday weekend there's a movie out I want to see... Maybe I will though... 

11. Share a secret.
A secret...I ate a mixed berry danish for breakfast and I didn't count it in my calories for the day

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  1. I never realised it before but Mr. Darcy and Mystique would make a fantastic couple!

    1. I am intrigued. Please do expand on this...

  2. Brilliant answers!

    How are you scared of David Tennant? He could very well be the most amazing man...ever! And Doctor Who is the shit. But you're right..He does look freakishly alike to the lead singer of Muse!

    I want a mixed berry danish now :(

    GM x

  3. You broke the rules by not tagging others? In the blogosphere, that's punishable by death.

    Also, David Tennant is nothing to fear. What's so creepy about a guy who travels space/time in a phone booth with random women?


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