Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm terrible at keeping secrets.

I'm supposed to not tell anyone my news for several weeks still. For some people this may be an easy thing to do. Just don't share your news with any one yet. Keep your mouth shut. Just don't mention it. 

That doesn't work for me for many reasons. The biggest reason being, I have a huge mouth. I can't keep things to myself. I can't stop myself from talking about it. I can't not tell the people closest to me, friends and family, just to be on the safe side. Duh guys, I'm excited.

If you read Different Paths, Same Destination then you already know, because I'm as bad at being mysterious as I am at keeping my mouth shut. 

So for those that don't read Different Paths, Same Destination and those that are not friends I see daily: 

I'm 6 weeks pregnant!

Que confetti, trumpets, storks flying by, and balloons being released. Yes, I'm ridiculously excited. I'm also still getting over the shock. 

My husband and I decided to try the "not trying, but not preventing" method January 1st. That's why I smoked my last cigarette New Year's Eve. I've been taking prenatal vitamins for months now. I wanted my body to be prepared if it should happen. We weren't expecting it to happen so quickly though! The "not trying, not preventing" method can take over a year. 

I didn't count days, stress out, only have sex when I was ovulating, check my temperature, get my eggs or his sperm checked. We just shrugged and said, if it's meant to be then it'll be. 

And it be. I don't have my first doctor's appointment for a few more weeks. They won't see you until you're at least 8 weeks. So I may be further along than that. Right now it's looking like November 11th is my due date- again totally subject to change. 

YAY FOR BABIES!!! Or, well, YAY FOR BABY!!! I'm not sure I can handle multiple...


  1. Why should you keep this a secret???


    This is GREAT news. And yes, I knew it and had to really control myself so I wouldn't spill it either.

    This is the best news in the world. Why be quiet about it, amirite??

    1. That's the way I feel, but I keep hearing it's not good to tell people too early on since at this stage anything could happen still. Bah I say. I'm sure I'll be having a happy healthy baby (probably boy) so I don't really feel the need to keep it quiet. Times are much different now than in the past and a shit-ton of medical advancements have been made.

  2. Congratulations! :D

    And I'm certain that the "not trying, not preventing" method worked because you weren't stressed out about it.

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. Would you look at this lady right here? All reproducing and shit. That is pretty awesome. Mazel Tov!

    1. Thank you my dear, thank you! You'll have to throw me a baby shower on here to rival your other parties!

  4. My perspective is... if you don't tell people and "something happens", you are left facing devastation alone. Because how do you go around telling everyone that you just lost a baby when they never knew you were pregnant? And if you tell them and "something happens", then you are questioned for ages by people who haven't heard the news.

    In other words, there is no way to prevent suckage if something happens. So enjoy the moment you're in and don't worry about whether or not it's a good idea to tell. Just tell who you want to tell. You're excited and you have a right to be so live it up! Congratulations!!!

  5. Congradulations! It must definitely be ment to be!

    (you said yay babies, you might have jinxed yourself! Be prepared for twins!!)

  6. congratulations!!!! wonderful news!!!
    My wife is 26 weeks now and it's such an exciting time :)

  7. YAY!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very happy for you and can't wait to hear all about it as the week progress!!!!

  8. You know how excited I am for you! Congratulations my friend!!! I love you, oodles :)

  9. Congrats! That is exciting news!


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