Friday, March 16, 2012

Underrated Actors #something

Hey guys! So it's no surprise that people have a thing for Fancy Face. You know, Baby Goose. *Sigh* Ryan Gosling guys, come on keep up with the times. Anyways, people love Fancy Face. My friends and I are no different. Last week we curled up on my couch and we watched us some Drive (that my hubby picked out because apparently even he loves Fancy Face). I have nothing to say about that movie really other than, 1) it had a great sound track, 2) Fancy Face proved he doesn't have to say a word, and 3) Christina Hendricks is still hot as a train wreck. 

I was surprised to see Christina Hendricks show up in there, but I was pleased. I love her in Mad Men. I love her in the real life. I love that she's gorgeous and curvy and voluptuous and that she makes being a ginger look damn good. I love that she's not a size zero and that she is confident in herself as an actress and confident in her body (her extremely hot body). 

We need more of her. Not just more of her, but more LIKE her as well. Actresses with real bodies that are unapologetic about being a size 14 and not interested in losing weight to fit in with the Hollywood masses. 

So, the underrated actress today is... 
Christina Hendricks
Tell me she's not gorgeous.



  1. Makes me want to be ginger!!! There is nothing wrong with size 14, totally in the healthy weight category. and looking damn fine!

  2. super gorgeous! just like fancy face!

  3. She's so beautiful and has my ideal body. I have the top part covered, so now the rest needs to get in line. Hahaha!

  4. Congratulations! You won the Versatile Blogger award . Stop by my blog to collect.


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