Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Apple

More specifically, the Big Apple. That's right, New York City. 

This is my favorite place on Earth. I even insisted on going to NYC on my honeymoon. So imagine my delight that I'll get to spend the day there this coming Thursday. My husband and I are going on a tour of Yankeeland and taking my sister along. 

Tom is from upstate NY so we're going to visit his friends that are still in the Yankee area. This means that in a short week we'll be seeing Binghamton, NYC, Boston, Salem, and Providence. I'm so excited I could squeel! My sister has never been further north than Baltimore so I'm excited to show her a taste of something new. 

That's why all my A to Z challenge posts for this week are going to be prewritten. I've never really done that before, I like to write as I feel on any given day. But since this whole A to Z thing has set days for each letter, I don't want to risk being too busy with traveling to find time to write. I'm going to trust that the scheduler thing actually works...


  1. Love your picture and hope your trip is all you hoped for.....

  2. The scheduler works great for me - you should be fine. Enjoy your trip!

  3. The big Apple is one place I'm desperate to visit... one day soon

  4. Sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time...
    I wanna go :D

  5. Visiting NYC is awesome but I have to give my love to Boston since I'm born and raised there. Enjoy your trip! All of those places are so full with awesome history.

  6. I've been to a lot of cool places but never New York. I've always wanted to go. Hopefully sooner than later.

  7. You know I'm crazy jealous that you are going to NYC. I have always thought I would make a fantastic New Yorker, except I'm probably friendlier as I am a Texan. Oh well, I can be a super friendly New Yorker!

    Have fun!


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