Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Underrated Actors

That's right peeps. It's been far too long since I've pushed some of my favorite actors at you. So I'm here to rectify this situation today with my latest addition of Underrated Actors that you should all know, love, and support. 

This time I bring you: 
Michael Pitt

This doesn't give his lips justice. Hold on:

There. That's better. And if you're like me and my sister you can "like" Michael Pitt's lips on Facebook. That's how you know you're a true fan. Just sayin'. 

Anyhooo- Not just a pretty face. Not just a pretty boy. Not just perfect lips. He's also talented. Which was a lovely surprise for me. You see I first discovered him as Henry, Jen's adorable puppy-eyed younger boyfriend in Dawson's Creek. Then he seemed to go under the radar for a little bit. The he emerged as a FULL ON PARTY in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Such a delightful/twisted movie. It's definitely not for everyone. Then he got a little main stream fame with Murder By Numbers with The Gosling and Sandy Bullock. Then there was a little known movie called Dreamers that I didn't know existed until last year. And how I went that long in my life without seeing that movie I don't know. Again, not for everyone (but ladies [or gents] if you want to see a LOT more of The Pitt- this is the movie for you). Another favorite of mine is Funny Games. Such a dark and twisted movie. This is a Pitt trend you see. He's beautiful and he's managed not get to get pushed into a pretty boy/love interest land. Instead he's taken on roles that are dark and damaged and have real depth and lots of crazy. Most recently he was in Boardwalk Empire for two seasons before the show RUINED MY LIFE. I digress. 

What I'm trying to say is, if you want some eye candy while watching a movie that takes you on a journey into places you normally don't travel, dark places, strange places, uncomfortable places, then watch a Michael Pitt movie. He's got only one thing in production according to IMDB and that's a movie called You Can't Win. There's no information on it at all, but you can bet your ass I'll be watching it. 

And you know what, you're all welcome for introducing you to one of my most favorite movie husbands. 


  1. I thought I was the only person that lusted after good ol' M.Pitt. I saw him first in Murder By Numbers and thought "This kid has got something going on". And then I saw The Dreamers, which also has my imaginary girlfriend Eva Green, and was totally awestruck. This guy is so talented! Why don't more people know about him?

    1. Me, my sister, and Lay my bff has spent lots of time wondering the same thing. Why the hell isn't he a movie star yet? Part of me is ok having this secret joy, but a lot of me wants him to have the fame he deserves.

      M. Pitt lust is just... the best kind of lust.

  2. One is never too old to drool. Especially not over The Pitt.

  3. Ooh he is quite good looking. ^_^

  4. Hi, so have you ever heard of a girl being called a peach? Reckon he could be called a male version which would be a peach pit? Hmmm.
    Ha. Just thought of that one. Nice to meetcha' Best regards to you.
    Ruby aka Grammy (on my way down the list of bloggers in the Challenge.)

  5. You crack me up with your drooling! When I had cable I watched Boardwalk Empire and thought he was quite good.


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