Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vacation

As some of you may know I recently went on a "vacation". I use quotations because when I hear the word "vacation" I think of relaxing and resting. This was the opposite of that. This "vacation" left me exhausted and nauseous and needing a REAL vacation. I already posted my Boston pics on Q day. So here are my Salem and New York City pics. Some of them. 

Let me just say that my husband is one of the worst picture takers that has ever been. He doesn't believe in (or just doesn't know how to use) the zoom function on a camera. He takes pictures and looks and says they're good when actually everyone in the picture has their eyes closed and it's out of focus. 

I don't want to bash without proof- So here it is:

Thanks hunny. That turned out AWESOME!

So anyways: here's our blurry, out of focus trip. You may need a magnifying glass to tell who is who in some of the pics. The ones in focus and that don't have me in them- I took. That's why you can tell what it is. (Love you hunny!)

Below is:
1) The Salem Witch Museum (in case you didn't read the sign). 
2) My bff wanted us to bring her a witch back from Salem- this is the best I could do. 
3) Just a pretty scene walking along the streets searching for a place to get some food. 

Salem was a quaint beautiful little town. Walking around it I didn't get any weird vibes- which I had half expected. There was a little store called Remembering Salem that was actually just a Harry Potter store. Every kind of Harry Potter gear you can imagine was in there. Wands, snitches, broomsticks, robes, books, candy, and best of all- BUTTERBEER! Butterscotch Cream Soda guys. It was delicious and delightful and $3 a bottle. Was it worth it? Yes, as a novelty. However, I'd really love to see this stuff mass produced so I can get it for less than that and also down the road from my house and not only in Salem or Universal Studios. 

New York City. 
It's my favorite place on earth. My very favorite place. I've been a few times now, but since it was my sisters first time I didn't see anything new. I wanted to show her the must see's- which means we had a lot to cram into one day because everything in NYC is a must see. 

Below is 
1) The new World Trade Tower. You can't keep us down. We'll just rebuild and make it an even more awesome building. It's really a gorgeous building. 
2) The Dakota. Every time I go to NYC I've gone to the Dakota, where John Lennon lived and died.
3) Right across the street from the Dakota is Central Park- and more specifically Strawberry Fields. The John Lennon memorial in Central Park. Just as before, I come here every time I come to NYC. And every time, there's flowers laying on it.
4) Central Park
5) Central Park
6) Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. This was the first time I've gone when it has actually been working! 
7) Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park. It pisses me off that kids treat it like a jungle gym- especially the kid on Alice's head. 
8) My sister in Time's Square. To me, Time's Square is like Hollywood Blvd- WAY overrated. Just a hokey tourist trap. That being said- if it's your first time- it's a must see.
9) The giant ferris wheel in the Toys R Us in Times Square. The hubby and I collect Potato Heads, so this was a treat to see. 



  1. I need to visit NYC someday. I was in Manhattan briefly, for a couple hours a few years ago, dropping off my son's g/f at her college, but it wasn't long enough to see anything. I'm not into big cities, but I would like to see it anyway, just to have experienced it. Looks fascinating!

  2. Wow that does seem like an intense vacation! If any one complains about the blury pics just say there art! And that kid on the statue just looks to be playing unsafe!

  3. I've been to Bangkok, Thailand, and I've been to Hong Kong, but I've never been to New York. Go figure, right? It's one of my must visit places in the next few years. Also, my mother takes pictures exactly like that, and it kills me. She puts the camera up to her eye, snaps it on the spot, and then says, "Yeah, it looks great" without even looking. It never looks 'great.'


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