Thursday, May 31, 2012

But what if I want to be eaten?

I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In the past few years he's really become an actor that I look forward to watching. He wears pants really well and I can appreciate that. You don't believe me? Google image search him. Ok fine, I'll do it for you.

In jeans.

In trousers.

In khakis.
I don't know what's happening here, but I approve.

In plaid.

Ok so I had a point to this post. He has this production company called Hitrecord. It's an "open collaborative production company" and if you go to that website, it's where you can make things together. They just published a book on Little Red Riding Hood. Where dozens of different people collaborated and each illustration is by a different artist. It's away for artists to get their name out there that maybe otherwise wouldn't. Joe uses his power for good and that makes me respect the hell out of him.

He read part of the book to me today.  Here's an excerpt of it:

But what if I want to be eaten?

“I see you have fine taste,”
The Wolf said, eyeing my basket of flowers,
“step off the path, if you’d like to, and we’ll while away a few hours.”

“Don’t do it!” the Huntsman cried out,
“Think of your honor, your virtue!
He’s a jerk, you don’t know any better.
Come with me, and I never will hurt you.”

A typical Nice Guy, the Huntsman:
His aim is to own and defeat me
“Wolf,” I said, “you want what I want,
So get on your knees then, and eat me.”

As Joe says himself, it's not exactly a book for kids. It IS fabulous though. I'd love to get my hands on this. Anyways, you guys should mosey over to Hitrecord and take a gander. Especially if you're a writer, artist, actor, filmographer, or anything else really and want your name out there.


  1. Okay. JGL seriously rivals Pep Guardiola in the dapper-as-fuck category. Yowza.

    Also I am definitely checking out this website this weekend. Sounds rad.

  2. He really is awesome isn't he? I loved him in 500 Days of Summer. So freaking good! And as Andie said... rawr!

  3. an open collaborative production company sounds a great idea...


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