Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Dragon

As I was researching ideas for my nuggets nursery yesterday I stumbled upon something interesting. My hubby and I had already decided it would be dragons, boy or girl, dragons. If the nugget is a girl it'll be more fairy/dragon/enchanted forest and if it's a boy it'll be more dragon/knight in shining armor. Either way, from the beginning, we were hell bent on dragons. 

Yeah, we're that couple. Don't judge. 

So imagine my delight when I discovered that 2012 in the Chinese horoscope is year of the dragon. Not just any dragon either, the year of the water dragon. So I'm going to have a dragon baby. This tickles me, it's like meant to be and what not. 

There's a reason she's my fave. The hubby shot down my baby name suggestion of Khaleesi though. Bastard.

Also, I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but it has been a hella wet year for us here in NC. Especially in the past month or so. And the year of the water dragon is supposed to be watery ya'll. I'm just sayin', the Chinese are totally on to something. So far at least. 

Thanks to that wet year, and in particular thanks to Beryl who's chillin' off the coast right now, we've gotten a ton of rain today. And what do I do in the rain? While wearing flip flops with no traction? And having no umbrella? And trying to run across the parking lot? 

If you said bust your ass you'd be correct. Luckily I landed straight on my ass. So there was no damage to the nugget, just to my pride. My poor drenched pride. 


  1. I love dragons too. Here in Asia, dragons are lucky creatures and those born in the year of the dragon are smart and lucky. Charmed, rather.
    Japanese dragons are all water related. Good luck decorating your nursery.

  2. I think the dragon theme is inspired! Love it!

  3. Dragons are a great idea! That will be so pretty either way. It looks like we're about to get a lot of rain dumped on us today, but we need it.

  4. Hey you could name your nugget: Aqua Dragoon!

    I think dragon theme for the nursery is an excelent idea! I like the idea of gender nutral things and that one fits it exellently!!


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