Thursday, May 17, 2012


Board game ramblings of the day:
I love to play board games. My husband and I have a huge collection. I'm lucky that my sister and friend Lay also enjoy games as well. Last night we played Clue- old school Clue. I realized for the first time in 29 years that I've been playing the game ALL WRONG. I mean, my husband was like "Yeah, you go into a room and you make a guess- whoever you guess it is has to come to that room". So like WTF. If I'm in the Study and I want to get to the Conservatory I have to roll the die for 15 years before I can get there. However if I finally make it to right outside the Conservatory and my husband is in the Kitchen and he wants to guess that Miss Scarlet (I'm ALWAYS Scarlet) did it in the Kitchen with the knife then I have to just fucking apparate to the Kitchen and then try to make the trek back to the damn Conservatory. It just ain't right. 

Also, I don't remember the last time I actually won this game. We're having a Clue marathon this weekend and it isn't going to stop until I win at least one. 

I may have to purchase the movie Clue to watch while we play. 

Work ramblings of the day:
That's pretty much my nightmare. So I keep 3 stashed different places.  

Pregnancy ramblings of the day:
I am 14 weeks along, so I'm in my second trimester. I'm not showing though, it's all just still fat. I can see a slight rounding where there wasn't before (and we won't discuss my nipples) but really you can't tell I'm pregnant at all yet. So that means you don't get to touch my belly.

For one thing, the nugget is really low right now, so if you touch me there I'm calling HR. If you touch any higher it's just fat. Guess what, either way you've offended me. Keep your hands to yourself please. Look, but don't touch. If you have the overpowering need to touch, how about ask? Don't be all grabby. That's just rude. 


  1. Ha! I once hit a co-worker when he touched my stomach. I was about 4 months pregnant, and my instincts just kicked in as he reached for me, and I knocked his arm out of the way. (He was shocked... I bet he never did it to someone again!)

    And I love board games too. :)

    1. Good for you. I feel like I'll be doing my fair share of knocking co-workers hands away!

  2. That does sound really rude! People just touching your belly with out asking!

    As for Clue, use that rule to your advantage: if your oponant is trying to get into a room stop them by calling them into another room! And also don't tell people what room your heading to. Good luck!

    1. You're right... I should be more discrete with my own personal strategeries....

  3. Maybe I was just born with "common sense," but I've never had a desire to just walk up to a woman and touch her stomach, pregnant or otherwise. Mostly because I like not being slapped in the face.

    1. That's an excellent trait to have, this "common sense" that you speak of.

  4. Clue is one of the greatest underappreciated comedies in the world.

    In my dream house I'm going to have a board game closet like The Tenenbaums.

    1. Really, Tim Curry is an under appreciated artist. I heart him so hard, in or out of fishnets.

      The board game closet is a beautiful thing to aspire to. We're actually kind of close to that. I got into a fight with a lady over the last game of Chutes and Ladders one Black Friday. She was all like "this is for my kid!" and I was all like "I'm getting it for my husband!" and I snatched it and ran.

  5. I'm a fan of board games as well.
    Sometimes its nice to stay in with the wife...ban all computer, phones, TV' a bottle of good wine and play a board game

  6. LOL I really enjoyed your Clue ramble. We should find an online game of Clue for blogger (I'm always Colonel Mustard--why is it that everyone always MUST be the same person every game?). Last time we played Clue in my house on a day we were all snowed in, my sister happened to guess the right answer on her first turn (and she went first). We haven't played it since then....

    "I don't have a problem learning it and doing it everyday while still finding ample time to fuck around online and text, so why the hell are you getting half the work done that I am and you aren't even fucking around?"---> YES this needs to be on posters and hung up in every workplace worldwide!

    I don't get people who want to touch the bellies of pregnant women they don't even know. Ummm creepy??

    Hope you're having a good weekend!!


  7. I LOVE Clue! It is such a fun game :)


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