Monday, May 7, 2012

Patience, who has time for that?!

Ugh. Guys, I left my phone at home today and I feel out of sorts and naked without it. It's weird how much I've come to depend on having a phone there at my fingertips. Not to make calls, which was the original purpose of a phone, but to text/Facebook/Draw Something/Word with Friends/Angry Birds it up all day when I should be working diligently. 

Which I have been working diligently lately. Always really, but without the usual internet distractions that I usually face. It's like I've been productive and with that comes lots of annoyance. 

I am so annoyed by answering stupid questions all day. Whether it be things like "Why can't I find Kim Hughes in the company directory? I mean, I've been looking and looking. You told me the person I need is Kim Hughes. Are you sure that's the name? Did you give me the wrong name? I see a Kimberly Hughes, but you said Kim and I am not intelligent enough to put it all together." Or if it's things like asking a supervisor a question and then getting the response to something totally different, then them treating me like an imbecile when I ask my question again-bitch if you'd answer the question posed to you, we could both move on to other things. I guess I just don't have that much patience. Not that I ever did really, but it seems to be less lately. 

This. All of this.
I'm currently, on top of all my work, getting planning the Spring Fling that the company is having tomorrow. Which means I had to go with my boss (like boss-boss. Like national bankruptcy director boss) to different places around town and purchase the food, unload the food, find places to store the food. I've already had to coordinate where it was going to take place, who was going to cook, and all the different people we'll need to help tomorrow to assemble, serve, clean. And the what games will be played, where that'll take place, etc. 

I'm tired ya'll. I'm so excited for tomorrow to come and get this all over and done with. I know I just complained about all that, but I love being the Chairperson for my company's Team Member Activity Team. Organizing things for 400 people, no problem. I gots this. It's more the frustrations from just the everyday work issues that annoys me.

Not to mention spending time with the National Bankruptcy Director isn't exactly a bad thing, and he's commented to me multiple times how organized and thorough and efficient I am. Bonus guys! That's excellent company exposure!

So I'm going to go back to nibbling my pineapple and get some work done. 


  1. I feel lost without my phone too! I actually turned around and went back home yesterday for it because I wasn't sure how I'd manage without it. (ok, I claimed to myself that my daughter would be worried if she couldn't reach me, but we both know better)

  2. If I forget my phone I get anxious I always feel like im going to miss an important call or something lol

  3. Because of your interesting blog, I've awarded you the Beautiful Blog Award. Stop on by and pick it up. You don't have to continue if you choose not to, but you do deserve the award. Post it on your site and enjoy. I'll be back as an avid follower.

  4. I hate that too! When I sit and think about how before cell phones we all got along just fine, it weirds me out. It also makes me feel old as shit.


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