Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For shame NC.

Sometimes the sheer disappointment I feel towards mankind feels almost overwhelming to me. Yesterday my state, North Carolina, had the opportunity to rise above the rest of the South. We had the chance to show that we have progressed from 1960 and that we truly believe that all American's deserve to be equal citizens in the eyes of the law. 

Amendment One is just another reason I need to move somewhere a little more progressive. It passed. It didn't just pass, it stomped the hell out of equality and proved we're no where near separating church and state and that homophobia runs rampant. 

A girl I used to be very close with, but over the past few years have fallen out of touch with, posted on Facebook yesterday about not being meek and how our Lord wants us to vote FOR the amendment.  That really bugged me. I just have a hard time believing that Jesus/God would want to discriminate against someone based on who they fall in love with and would actively deny them the ability to marry. 

It wasn't that long ago that it was illegal to marry inter-racially. Luckily in 1967 we realized that was complete bullshit and made it legal. I hope that this is no different. That right now, maybe the South and other states aren't  ready for it, but that one day they'll realize they are being ridiculous restricting love and legalize it. 

Intolerance. Inequality. Discrimination. Hate. Homophobia. Bigotry. Hypocrisy. Just some of the fun things I encounter on the daily from people surrounding me in the South. 

I love the South. Don't get me wrong. I'm born and bred and I am sure there is no where in the US more beautiful than North Carolina. From mountains to beaches and all in between, it's a lovely state. It just breaks my heart that such ugliness litters the scenery. 

Oh and that friend that upset me so much on Facebook yesterday? Apparently she didn't like my statuses and she deleted me. Goodness, someone doesn't like people with opposing views as their own- don't forget I never even said a word to her about the issue. Ah well. Tis life. 


  1. I am not from NC, but I think Indiana (and much of the midwest) is probably equally homophobic. It makes me so sad. I've tried to post things on facebook that are tactful yet make people think. Being too explicit in stating my own views would probably result in me getting a few friend deletions like you did!

    Perhaps the good news in this is now that it's a law, someone can challenge it and maybe eventually a Supreme Court ruling can overturn it like it Loving vs VA did in 1967 with interracial marriage. The NC amendment that just passed is SO restrictive to so many people, that I can't imagine it wouldn't get challenged.

  2. We have a similar vote coming up here in Minnesota this November.. I don't think it will pass though. If Minnesota does vote yes- I will be very surprised. We tend to be pretty progressive in these parts. (BUT- so did Wisconsin.. and we've seen the hell that's been unleashed there recently by the Republican Party.) I just fnished up a course on Southern Politics a few weeks ago- and I'm honestly not suprised the NC passed this awful amendment. The politics in your state are heavily tied to faith-based, GOP agendas... KEEP SPEAKING OUT.

  3. we have civil partnerships in Ireland but I guess it isn't the same as marriage, so there is still a lot of campaigning going on here. I just don't understand why people that believe in God, whom teaches to love one another, are so against this.


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