Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frisky in the kitchen

I've been bitten by the baking bug lately. Which is great, because prior to this past week I haven't baked any tasty treats in a very long time. Which is actually probably a good thing since I gained 10 pounds last month bringing my pregnancy total to 13 pounds. Guys, my doctor just wanted me to gain 10 to 15 TOTAL. Well, I've got  like 17 and a half weeks to go, so I guess we'll just have to see how far over the limit my fat ass pushes it. 

Alas, I am back to the baking. In the past week I've made chocolate chip cookies (which I turned some into delicious strawberry ice cream filled chocolate dipped sandwich delights),  strawberry short cake, and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes (a pure masterpiece according to my husband). Most I made just for the hell of it, but the cupcakes were for my sister who turned 19 this past Saturday. 

And guys, I have plans to make some passion fruit cupcakes with a coconut frosting this week. 

I know, it's a terrible picture and horrible presentation. Just trust me, they were delicious.  My nugget didn't care how it looked, she was a fan.

Fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and scratch made shortcakes.

The making of the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. I had to find a recipe for cookies that didn't require eggs, since I can't have batter with eggs in it. 

The masterpiece. Scratch made chocolate cake with scratch made chocolate chip cookie dough in the center, and cookie dough flavored frosting with mini chips sprinkled on top. It was delicious and very very rich. I've only had one, the other one I have saved for myself for perhaps tonight. 


  1. Can I be educated on how you make cookie dough flavored icing? Please? Want.

    1. Because it is you and you're on my list of favorite humans I shall pass along the recipe.
      Merely go to this site:
      And make it happen. It's really delicious.

    2. Bless you. I'm going to eat these soon.

    3. Go forth. May the baking Gods be with you.

  2. Mmm... I would love to have some please!

    1. I so should have doubled the recipe, I'd love to have some more!


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