Monday, August 13, 2012

Disappearing Act

I'm sure you guys didn't notice, but I took a bit of time away from the blog. It wasn't intentional. When I realized I'd neglected it after a bit over a week the guilt set in. When the guilt sets in so does avoidance. I pretend it's not happening so then it goes even longer being neglected only now there's a guilty niggle in the back of my mind with each day that passes. I even stopped stalking checking on other blogs I follow. 

So, here I am. All is well. 

So what's been going on? Let's see. 

1) Baby business:
I went to a Kids Exchange at the state fair grounds and guys there's an underground mommy world that I knew nothing about. It's weird. I think it's similar to the black market. It's there, all around you, you just don't know it until you need to buy an iPad and iPod and the only solution is to sell a kidney to get it (that's a real story- look it up). 

At this Kids Exchange I was able to get:
Retails $120 I got it for $30.

Retails for $105 I got it for $20.

Retails for close to $200 I got it for $45.

Retails for close to $100 I got it for $40. And that's not my house. It's the only pic I could find that was decent.
So that's a retail value of $525 that I paid $135 for. I can't stress to you guys how amazing the condition of everything I got was. Seriously like new. I couldn't be happier. Also, I snagged a Bumbo for $18 that retails for $40 and then the bedding. Guys. The bedding. It's custom bedding that would run close to $500 and I got the blanket, skirt, bumpers, sheet, and decorative pillow for $60. 

We also just got the crib this past Saturday. It'll come in by the beginning of next week. Here's the crib:
It's gorgeous. I fell in love with it in espresso back when I was positive I was having a boy. Since discovering my nugget is a lady, I was afraid it would be too masculine even in white. But it's not. It's gorgeous in white, and very feminine. 

The stroller/car seat was also purchased and is fabulous:
So we are definitely on our way to having a complete set up for the nugget. Which I'm thrilled about. 80% of the stress I had about getting ready for her has been completely lifted. Which brings us to the next topic.

2) Living situation:
We are still in the 2 bedroom small apartment currently. This is the other 20% of my stress. We'll find out this  Friday whether or not we were approved for a home loan. I don't have high hopes. One of the main reasons for this is if you go in with low expectations, you can't be crushed or all that shocked. If we do get approved (ha!) then I'll start the house hunt (which I already have one in mind). If we don't then we have a 3 bed room 2 bathroom apartment lined up that is roomy and well kept (even if the outside isn't that classy). So, even this doesn't have me too stressed. 

Of course, no matter where we end up I won't be completely calm until I assemble her nursery. We have all the pieces, we just need to fit it together. 

3) Nugget name:
We've decided on a name for the nugget. We have sound reasons to back up our first and middle name choices. 

Noelle Hazel 

Noelle because Christmas is the most special of all holiday's for the hubby and I (even though I'm not religious). It just means family time, friend time, and baking, and lights, and quality time together. It's always been important to us. 

Hazel because it's the hubby's favorite character from his favorite book of all time Watership Down. Which is the first thing I ever gave him when we started dating, a first edition copy of the book. 

So, it's a personal name and a pretty name. I didn't want a name in the top 100, but I didn't want one that was too weird (even though I totally fought for Khaleesi for about 2 days). Noelle fits the bill. It's not common, it's not in the top 100, but it's not strange/weird/hard to pronounce.

4) Hubby news:
Today is his birthday. He's a grand 42 today. So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY!!

I baked him a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate frosting to celebrate it. Everything was from scratch, even the filling. It was also delicious. 

5) Aches and Pains:
I've been discovering all kinds of aches and pains in locations that I never thought much about before. Like the pressure of the nugget on my pelvis when I stand for long periods of time or hell even just stand up to go pee makes me want to cry sometimes. And let's not even discuss what's been happening with my nipples. WTF man, it's crazy. 

6) Weight gain:
Originally, my doctor told me I needed to gain between 10 and 20 pounds in total through the entire pregnancy. The first few months was great. I only gained 3 pounds. Then. Then the hunger kicked in. When I went for my check up in July I had gained 10 pounds in a month taking me to 13 pounds. When I went for my last check up last Monday I'd gained ANOTHER 10 POUNDS. So I'm at 23 pounds total right now and I'm only 27 weeks. 

7) Gossip:
Guys. I'm so emotional about things that have been happening with my celebrity people. For one, Joey Potter managed to break her hypnosis and free herself from Xenu and Tom Cruise. WOOT FOR JOEY POTTER. 
But then.
True love expired. 
Bella cheated on Edward. Or actually KStew (who has always come across as an indifferent cunt) cheated on genuinely awesome RPatz. I mean, who the fuck let's her director go down on her in her Mini in broad daylight when you're uber famous and have paparazzi always looking for you? Idiot. But yay for RPatz. Now go get a lady that'll help me forget you are Edward and continue to be awesome. 

Guys, word on the street is that Scully and her long term BF broke up and she's living with Mulder. If this is truth (which I read it on the Internets so of course it's truth) then YES!!! TRUE LOVE IS REAL!!!


  1. I've missed you and your musk!!

    Baby Business: That is some serious pregnant lady nesting porn. I imagine secret mommy black market meetings happening somewhere in the back room of a Container Store.

    Name: I lurve the name. Seriously... super adorable.

    Gossip: I always said KStew was bad news. Spread your wings and fly, RPatz... fly straight into my waiting arms.

  2. Noelle's a beautiful name. I'm just glad you didn't try to come up with a quirky celebrity baby name like Apple or Rainforest.

    And I did notice that you were gone, but you know, when you're pregnant, absences from the blog world are KINDA excusable...


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