Friday, September 28, 2012

The winds of change are a blowin'

It's finally here. Moving time. This weekend we'll *finally* be moving into the new bigger apartment that we so desperately need. I am incredibly excited about it, but at the same time I'm absolutely dreading it. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't take much for the hubby and I to move. He works for a moving company so he has access to a truck and moving supplies and I used to work for the same company for several years and I've packed my fair share of houses. 

We both know how to pack, and pack quickly. He knows how to move and has mover friend/coworkers to help. 

The thing is, at 33 week and 5 days preggo I am definitely not able to live up to my packing/moving abilities. Where as I am accustomed to packing a house in a day, I haven't been able to find the energy to pack my 2 bedroom apartment in over a week. Tomorrow is the official move day, and there's still a LOT to pack. 

My husband is a saint and has already gotten the truck and loaded all of the storage and some of the furniture  and boxes at the house. I'm sure when I get home I'll find that he's packed up the majority of the rest of the items that were lingering. 

I feel useless. I'm not packing like I should, I can't actually help move anything, and even cleaning later I won't be able to really do since I can't crawl around and scrub floors or be around chemical cleaners for extended periods of time. 

So after moving all our stuff he'll be cleaning, and I'll be unpacking. 

Which, I'm pretty excited about the unpacking. Most of my stuff was in storage and I can't wait to get it all out and gaze at it again. Especially my kitchenware. Boy have I missed my kitchen goods. 

Not only that, but this means I get to start getting the nursery ready!! THANK GOD!! The hubby will, again, bare the brunt of that work by painting the room while I stay away from the fumes. And of course I have plans for a focal wall with pretty stripes down it. He's not excited, but I am. Extremely. 
This is my vision:

I think we should be able to make this happen easily enough. Obviously, the room isn't that large. Sadly. But the crib is similar to the one shown and that's the paint exactly.Instead of having a nursing chair I have a couch I'll be using that is the same blue as the stripe in the wall. I think it'll pull it together. I'll let you know if this actually happens. 


  1. Confession: The only reason I would consider being pregnant right now is to get out of my share of moving responsibilities.

    Like I would be pregnant all of the time if it meant never having to help anyone or myself move.

    And I would never feel guilty about it.

    Also, why should you feel guilty? You're about to move a baby through your lady business.

    1. That's an excellent point. I'm sure my husband won't be feeling guilty in the least when I'm screaming and having my loins ripped to kingdom come. Thank you. I suddenly am relieved of all guilt.


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