Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm so over the election I could scream.

I had to cut off a friend today. Not forever, just until after the election. He's my oldest friend actually. My self-proclaimed Alabama "liberal" friend who is as far from being liberal as a person can actually get and not have their lying pants set on fire by liberals angry for being lumped into a category with him. 

I understand that it's election time and therefore some people will get off on talking politics all the time. The thing is, Thomas, my friend, talks politics ALL THE FUCKING TIME and has for years and not just because of elections. It's just his thing. It's the only thing he has to chat about. The only thing he discusses. Movies, music, television, dating, ANYTHING other than politics never comes up. When I try to have a normal conversation with him he either ignores it or spins it. 

It's infuriating. Finally, today I had enough. Don't accuse me of having a thing for Paul Ryan but keeping it on the down low because I'm ashamed of it. Trust- there is NOTHING down low about my dislike for Ryan. I'm not ashamed of my dislike for him. His ideals and mine aren't the same. At Thomas's request I backed up my reasoning only to have him immediately cram everything back down my throat. 

Bitch came at me on the wrong day. I told him to keep it to himself. What's the point in arguing? No one is going to change anyone else's mind. 

And he's STILL TEXTING ME saying he is "correcting the misinformation that has been put out my the Dems because they have NOTHING to run on so they have to resort to scare tactics". 

He's officially in time out until after the election because he's stressing me the fuck out WHILE boring me. Such a weird combination. 


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  1. I'm counting down until the election is over so I can go back to enjoying my Facebook feed. It's amazing how many people turn into know-it-alls that just have an answer for everything when it comes to politics. Meanwhile, I'm still tweeting fart jokes and Facebooking pictures of things that look phallic. Priorities, people!


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