Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've got chills, they're multiplying.

**Just a side note to my non-preggo related post- 12 days until my due date. 21 days until I'm scheduled to be induced- let's hope she comes before that. We're in the home stretch!**

That bitch Sandy. Surprisingly, NC didn't get that much damage when she crossed our path. It did sink one of the movie ships and killed one of the crew members (I believe another- the captain- is still missing). Other than that though, NC wasn't the focus of a hurricane. Amazing. 

What's not so amazing is the Hell it's bringing to the North East. I know millions of people are without power in multiple states. Flooding is rampant and the places not flooding are getting blizzard weather conditions. My city though, New York City, is getting fucked. NYC is my most favorite place on earth. I've only been a handful of times, but it's just one of the only places I've ever stepped foot in and been comfortable. NYC fits part of me like no where else I've come across yet. So, I'm selfishly freaking out over the state of my city. My heart goes out to all the areas affected by this- it's a monster of a storm. Being from NC, I understand the damage a hurricane can do. But this Sandy motherfucker, she's a real bitch and no one is prepared to handle her. 

Already so many have been killed, so many are suffering. Homes and businesses are lost. It's a terrible tragedy affecting over 20% of the nations population. 

Firefighters evaluate an apartment building in New York that had the front wall collapse during the storm on Monday.
That is horrifying. I didn't even know things like that could happen. 

A wall of water makes its way to shore as residents brave the storm Monday in Ocean City, Maryland.
Ummm, you may want to move...

Battery Park, lower Manhattan- several hours before the eye of the storm got there.
I know it's election time, and everyone needs to go vote, but this is going to have a HUGE impact on voting turnout. This makes me nervous politically too. I know that if I was up there in the middle of that shit, voting would be one of the furthermost things from my mind. Although, the rest of the country will be waiting to see how the President handles this and whatever blather Romney decides to say in response to it as well. 

That's about right.


  1. Did you see the con edision sub station explosion on youtube? That's why we have no mails in our office....we are in Dublin, hello globalization.

    But yes, fingers crossed for all our colleagues over in NY :(

    1. I did! That was crazy. It lit up the entire city when it exploded, or it seemed to anyways.

      Crazy how small the world is now.


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