Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Showers! Showers everywhere!!

How stoked was I to pop onto Blogger today and stumble upon my very own surprise baby shower being thrown for me and my nugget Noelle and hosted by Jess from It's Jess! If you don't already know her, I suggest you get to know her. She's amazing. You can get the low down from that shower HERE. I'm just going to say, if you can't have a champagne pyramid you may as well get down on a sparkling cider pyramid and follow it up with a stallion's heart. Delish!

Which reminds me that I never got around to posting much about the fabulous baby shower that my bff Lay and my seestor Tara through for me on the 13th. It was wonderful! The food was amazing! The company was great! The nugget got lots of things that she needed. 

There weren't many pictures taken because no one thought about that- especially me. I just snapped a few of the highlights. There were so so many more things I didn't capture. Like myself. I still have no pictures of myself preggo. This makes me a little sad. I guess technically there's still time to have some taken...but guys I feel gross about it. 

Here's some from the shower that I managed to capture:

This cake, mmmmm. Irish cream cake with a strawberry buttercream and plain buttercream filling. 

Funny story, my hubby was eating some of the cheese ball the other day that was left over and almost had a heart attack because there was something fuzzy in his mouth and when he pulled it out it was black. He almost died. Then he realized it was just the pipe cleaner. Silly man. 

I really wish I would have thought to show the tables more. They were decorated SO CUTE. All of them unique with different centerpieces. I didn't even get a good shot of all my loot! And there was a lot of it!

Then last week, there was another surprise shower for me at work. I did have some pictures from that which my coworker posted on facebook, but she appears to have deleted me (???) so now I don't have those either. But suffice it to say, my coworkers all through a lovely and unexpected shower for me in which I got enough giftcards to very nearly complete my baby needs shopping. 


  1. I wish I were eating that cake right now. I wouldn't pass on the cheeseball either... with or without pipe cleaners.

    My family is the absolute WORST at remembering to photograph family events/holidays/whatever. After we are dead and gone there will be no photographic evidence that we even existed.

    1. Same here. At least we'll both have our blogs to live on after we've gone. Proof to all that come after us that we existed and we rocked our existence.

      And that cake was amazing. Same lady did my wedding cake, sister's sweet 16 cake, and former bff's bridal shower cake- she used to have a bakery but now she's closed it and did this as a favor to me because she's awesome. I only want her to do my special occasion cakes, but it seems she's retired. Guess I'll have to start making my own!

  2. That's an awesome cake, but the Dothraki Baby Shower was also pretty damn cool. Either of you guys available for birthday parties?


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