Thursday, January 10, 2013

A moment please.

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned my boyfriend Matthew Macfayden a few times on here (it's cool, my husband knows), so I feel I must tell you all of his new show beginning January 19th on BBC America. I actually called my cable provider and added on the variety tier to my cable just so I could watch this show. That's right. It's true lurve. 

Anywhoo, apart from my BF it also has Jerome Flynn aka Bronn from Game of Thrones. Which is a bonus. 

And apparently Matthew knows I like my men in plaid (I'm looking at you hubby dear) so he had this dapper suit made up:


  1. I love the suit, and a series about Jack the Ripper sounds pretty awesome as well. Makes me wish I had a running TV again. I'll just have to stream this after it airs.

  2. BRONN and MATTHEW? IN BOWLER HATS?! Yes please!!

    1. RIGHT?! How can it not be beyond amazing?!


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