Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Furry Friends

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I don't trust people that don't like animals. I especially don't trust people that say animals have no soul. I've known animals with a lot more soul in them than some people I've come across. The problem with having pets, you give them your whole heart and unless your pet is a sea turtle or a parrot, they have life spans much shorter than ours.

There is nothing like the pain of losing a pet. It's so much more than that word "pet". It's a furry friend, a companion that you spend your life with that doesn't judge you, doesn't hurt you, doesn't do anything but love you unconditionally. If you're lucky, you have a furry companion that'll even stay put in your lap and let you hug them and cry or laugh or just talk.

It seems like a lot of my furry friends have moved on to the great Furry Heaven recently. It's hard having them leave us, even when we know they're better off without pain and illness. Knowing they are up there playing with their friends with a never ending supply of belly rubs and treats. Green and sunny fields to run in that go on forever.

Just like losing any person in our lives, we selfishly mourn their passing. They are in a better place, we are much worse off without them in our lives. Animals, like people, help mold and shape who we are and make us better people for just having them around us.

So take a minute and cuddle your furry friends and hold them close.


Claire (St. Bernard), Tiffy (my puggie), and Nicki Jr (Maltipoo)

Claire, Sasha (sexy pug), Tiffy (slightly smaller sexy pug), Tigger (cocker spaniel), and Ava (datsun).

The late great sexy Gizmo.


  1. So true, I am still thinking back on my dog and cats and hamster. I miss them very much!

  2. I don't trust people that don't like animals either. And the funny thing is, animals don't usually like them. They can usually sense that. Meanwhile, animals always love me. Even the "mean" ones. But I think it's just because I understand them better than most.

  3. SERIOUSLY how can you think that something with a personality has no soul? Like duh.

    My mother doesn't like animals. I have never understood this. She's afraid of everything from chickadees to horses and I don't get it...

    Gizmo is adorable. <3



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